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framework 1.1sp1 not recognised?

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Hi beppemito!

I don't know if this will help you but I had a problem with .Net Framework too.

Windows Update was showing me an update I couldn't install.

That was because I had a registry tweak which disabled rollback.

Search in your reg tweaks file ; if you have something like DisableRollback=dword:0000001, put it to 00000000.

I can't remember where the key is actually located.

Hope this will help.

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; Disable Windows Installer Rollback 

.Net Framework wont install with this tweak activated, I havent seen anyone report this error before but if you have set this tweak, set it to =dword:00000000 and that should fix it, or if your doing it to your cd just delete the tweak.

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i've ran regedit but DisableRollback is not present....what must i do?i must create it or not?and where?because in HKEY_CURRENT_USER there isn't MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\INSTALLER.......there is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE!

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