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Silence of the foxes

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Oh yes you can, It's just the profile folder contents are not copied over to the correct folder in SoF, All other components, themes, extensions, searchplugins etc are the same folders as in firefox 1.5.x.x

I presume tou are downloading the .xpi file for the requird extensions and not just copting your extensins foler over to SoF ?

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yeah was doing that, maybe i forgot to do something in SOF, i've used it loads before, just haven't done it for a while

i probably forgot to 'copy my files' before packing

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I just got firefox to load my extensions without the XPI. I manually copied over some profile stuff and that must have done it because some of the extensions I now have I don't have an XPI for. Still managed to not get my bookmarks into my sfirefox.exe and installed though.

I need to play with it more.

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I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get this to work properly with FF v2.0. I was always able to have everything install properly with all of the previous releases of FF. None of my extensions, profile, or themes get installed or applied.

It's basically like I just downloaded straight from the FF homepage, and installed it right away without using SOF.

I did like I've always done with SOF. I put the .xpi extensions in the "Extensions" folder, the .jar themes in the "Themes" folder, Profile in "Profile etc...

I noticed that the actual files are structured differently in FF v2.0 than they were with FF 1.5X.

To anyone who got SOF to play well with FF 2.0, I'd appreciate some insight as to what I'm doing wrong.

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I have luckily written down my attempts to make FF 1.5.X silent. If Mozilla still uses the same installer, it should be easy to do what you want. It just boils down to unzipping the installer, modifying some INIs, adding your XPIs and zipping that all together with a 7zip SFX header.

I just realized why LaptoniC could have given up, the installers internal file/directory structure is totally different from FF 1.X.

Anyone knows where to find docs about the Mozilla Installer?


answering myself.




I think the links should have all information needed.

Edited by bj-kaiser
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i hate to dig up an old thread but i love this program and it seems that SOF doesnt work with Firefox and Thunderbird 2. For firefox all i had to do was change the profile path in profiles.dat (also i just noticed none of my extensions were installed even though i placed the XPIs in the extensions folder), but in thunderbird i had to create a new profile (essentially i created a blank folder in %appdata%\thunderbird called new.default and changed the location in profiles.dat and copied my stuff from the old profile to the new one) and then re-install thunderbird from the basic install because the silent one i created wouldnt display anything (ive had this happen before) but it also screwed up the format for the whole program.

LaptoniC, if you're still around could you please fix this??

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