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Clean System For Wininstall


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i`m searching in the forum (not for a long time :blushing: ) but i didn`t found anything that helps me, so...

must i have a completly clean system to use Wininstall discover feature?

in that case, does any app which restore the OS how it is just installed, deleting files...? i know that windows can do that but it also deletes my .msi packages, i´m searching for an app that allows to select drives to scan

use wininstall is as easy as i find or has secrets?

Thaks a lot, bye, i hope i have written everything well.

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I don't think you will need a clean system.

What I do is remove my AV and Firewall, because they write (update) files (mostly logs) to the harddrive.

Those files will then be added to the package wininstall creates, which isn't what I want.

Off course I'm using VMWare to do this, not a real system.

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