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  1. Trying to solve my problem i have realized that it may be due to windows installer v2; i don`t find w.i. v1, so i`m not sure of that, but i remember been able to install .msi files from cmdlines before i slipstreamed windows installer v2. If anybody knows something about it... Bye.
  2. OK i`ll try to do that, but i was nearly sure that .msi worked; doesn`t mind. Thaks a lot, bye.
  3. Hi, I would like to know why cmdlines calls some files but not all of them, i wrote the following in it. [COMMANDS] "RunOnceEx.cmd" "REGEDIT /S regtweaks.reg" "REGEDIT /S Notepad2.reg" "netfx.msi /q" "KB890830.exe /q" "KB887472.exe /q" "MsnMsgs.msi /q" Only first, second and fifth are installed, what`s wrong?, before i added third and sixth lines everything worked. If anybody knows what`s happening? Thanks. EDITED: Maybe i had changed the order of the lines when i added the third and sixth lines, because i did a new cmdlines.txt file.
  4. ... ok. Thank you, i´ll try to do in other way. Bye.
  5. I haven´t tried this yet, but what i want is to choose the tweaks i want in each installation, but if that you say works, in wpi should work too. I,ll revise everything in case i made any mistake. Thanks a lot. EDITED: the only tweak i tried is the homepage tweak in IE.
  6. Hi, my question is the following, can i import reg tweaks at any other time that isn´t at first logon, in order to not have to reboot once i am in the desktop. I´ve tried to do that using wpi with regedit /s "%cdrom%\...reg", but i didn´t success. What i am doing wrong?. Thanks.
  7. Sorry about that stupid question i should realize i have to write %cdrom% variable in all .cmd files.
  8. Hi, i have a problem with copying the .inf file which inno setup needs for load settings (/loadinf=*.inf). I tried to copy it with a .cmd file (runonceex from cd) but i couldn`t ; i tried packaging the .inf file in a .msi file, it works, but it doesn`t allow me to clean all the .inf files in the end by using * (MsiExec.exe /X{*}). I would like to use batch files, because i think it is faster, but it doesn`t work as i want, i do one of the following: - in the wpi command box i write: cmd /c copy "%cdrom%\... , but the command prompt can be seen, cmdow doesn`t work. - i use a .cmd file with the command: copy %cdrom%\... , it doesn`t work at all. How can i copy it? I wish i wrote everything correctlly. Thanks a lot, bye.
  9. OK, thank you for your replies, they are very usefull, see you.
  10. Hi, i`m searching in the forum (not for a long time ) but i didn`t found anything that helps me, so... must i have a completly clean system to use Wininstall discover feature? in that case, does any app which restore the OS how it is just installed, deleting files...? i know that windows can do that but it also deletes my .msi packages, i´m searching for an app that allows to select drives to scan use wininstall is as easy as i find or has secrets? Thaks a lot, bye, i hope i have written everything well.
  11. Thank you SiMoNsAyS, i`ll not try it now because i thought it would better to use an app which save changes, so i am trying to use wininstall, but really thank you anyway, who knows, maybe i will have to use it. See you, bye .
  12. I´m affraid i have another question in relation whit shotcuts, if shortcuts in start menu which are in my user folder has the following path "%userprofile%\menú inicio...", which path has the shortcuts which are in "al users" folder? Thanks a lot
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you... it works It was driving me crazy! Thaks a lot echap2000
  14. Hi I have a problem with copying a shortcut in a start menu folder, because when i run the .cmd file, it sets a folder called "Men· inicio", i use the md "%userprofile%\Menú inicio\Programas\Accesorios\utilidades\cdimage" command. I don`t trying to do a windows unattended installation, i only want to do a silent app install. When i use this command writing it, directly in promp window, it works, but not by .cmd file. How can i solve it? Thanks a lot. I hope i have posted it well.Thanks again.

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