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[solution] Installing Office 2k3 On T-12

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I have made another attempted to install Office. I have the same result "for the 8º time :( ". I made a CRT+ALT+DEL, instade a reset and Windows continuos installing and the *.exe icon appears on the left side of the clock, saying that is paused. If i "unpause" nothing happends.


what can i do?



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Well, it's probably because my script doesn't detect the exit of the installer correctly.

I completly forgot about this, I'll try to explain this script asap.

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see the 7z method here:


could I just modify the config.txt, not using a cmd file at all:



(assuming I don't need StartX.exe for this).



tried just adding officeexecNLpro.exe in config.txt and it works fine.

Except the file never kills itself when install is finished... so RunOnceEx doesn't contiue, have to use CTRL+ALT+DEL and kill the proces "officeexecNLpro.exe".

Please post a fix or give your code!

I have autoit3.exe in my System32 folder already (need it for other tasks) so won't need a .exe (i think... would need to configure the 7zip sfx to start autoit3.exe with the au3 file... but I think this can only be done using StartX.exe.... so using your exe would be easier anyway.)

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Updated and explained in first post. Now you can see how simple the script is.

I actually had a multilingual version around, but I lost it somehow. Myabe I'll recreate it sometime, when I have time. :)

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trying to install office 2003 FrontPage at t-12

Nanaki while using your scrip in xplode using XPlode-SelectInstall.xml , installing at the t-12 stage , I get

error 1406 - value DW 0200 registry key Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW\Installed

I have also looked in Google and done a search to try and get a answer but all I found was this and similar things with no answer as yet , or I missed it



can you help please

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I've been installing Office 2003 from svcpack.inf for close to a year now with a silent switchless installer. The only real trick needed was to delete that error reporting registry key from the .msi file.

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to install office at 13/12 stage you can run this code. in regfile or in sfx




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Hello people !

I have read this topic, and I'm interrested in eliminate the error 1406 on an unattended installation of Win XP + Office.

So, I saw this :

I have a question

Can I run this via the setupparams in winnt.sif. which runs at T-9 ?

Sure, if it gives an error there.

I'll explain this script soon btw, when I have some time.

I'm very interrested in using this method unstead of using AutoIt... How can I ?

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