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  1. Hello people ! I have read this topic, and I'm interrested in eliminate the error 1406 on an unattended installation of Win XP + Office. So, I saw this : I'm very interrested in using this method unstead of using AutoIt... How can I ?
  2. Quite simply ! Thank you very much for the help and of course the program !
  3. Ok, now I don't use /f . That's right, my batch file is located in my own Windows cd-rom, but in the $OEM$ directory (with the file "cmdlines.txt" which launchs the script .bat). So I think that the batch file is copied on the hard drive just before the starting of Windows Installation and used for the installation of programs. How can I do for being sure that my batch file is in hard drive and not to the Windows cd-rom ?
  4. But I can't use VMware ! So, no problem with Microsoft Virtual PC ? This is my script MS-DOS (file .bat) : @echo off echo Installation des applications echo ----------------------------- echo Installation de Microsoft .NET Framework echo start /wait %SystemDrive%\Apps\DotNet\dotnetfx.exe /Q /C:"install.exe /q" start "" /wait msiexec /i %SystemDrive%\Apps\DotNet\netfx.msi /qn echo ...terminé... echo . set CDROM=D: echo Attente du CDrom : SIMGV-POT-INFRA-2 start "" /wait %SystemDrive%\Apps\cdswitch.exe "SIMGV-POT-I2" %CDROM% /f:SIMGV-POT-I2 echo ...terminé... echo . echo Installation de Intel
  5. Hello people ! Sorry for my English, I'm French ! First, I want to say "Thanks !" to Nanaki for his help, now I use Cdswitch for making an unattended installation of Windows Xp + programs. So my problem is that I want to know if Cdswitch is compatible with an install with a virtual machine (I use Microsoft Virtual PC 2004). I have encounter a problem : when Cdswitch is running on the installation of programs (I use a .bat script) during the end of the installation of Windows Xp, and show the warning "Chance the cd", when I change it (with Virtual PC you can only switch Iso) the Cdswitch prog
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