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A New Cd-switching Utility

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Two main ways:

1. Keep a WPI per disc, and launch CDswitch in between. Use the "/r"-command to launch the second WPI.

2. Use one WPI, and put CDswitch as an app between the apps from disc one and the apps from disc two. Make sure it can't be unchecked, or isn't visible, or whatever.


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Can you give me few example it will help me better? Thanks for the help..

Check the WPI-forum. :)

hello friends !

iam new here

plz help , i have CDswitch08b what can i do to make cd1 give me message to insert cd2?

plz help me , upload the txt file or script or tell me what can i do ?



Read the first sections of the help-file, it should help you on your way. ;)

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Hey nanaki can I include this in the download of WPI and if yes will you write up a small tutorial so I can include that in the WPI manual???

Nevermind the tutorial I just found and read the help file you wrote. DUH! RTFM LOL *I feel stoopid today.

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Excellent Utility this, but I have a question. I regularly use an unattended disk to install XP on machines with only a CDROM but some have DVD drives. To this end I have two sets of disk. I have an Unattended DVD (1 disk) and an identical CD set (4 disks). Currently I use a batch file to check for the presence of a file on the disk, if the file is missing the program displays a .vbs file message asking for the correct disk. As the file system on the DVD mirrors the CD, if the DVD is inserted, the file is found and the install continues. If the CD is in, the file is not found and the message is displayed. Now if I use CDSwitch to try the same thing, it will work fine for the CD set as I can check for the presence of the correct label, however it wont work for the DVD as the DVD can't have four labels!! Is there any way to have CDSwitch check for the presence of a file on the required disk instead of just on the ejected disk??

An example would be:

CDswitch %cdrom%\cd2.txt /f:%cdrom%\cd1.txt

The example above would check for the file cd2.txt on the disk and if it didnt find it, would eject the CD with cd1.txt on the root of the disk. However if the DVD was inserted and had cd1.txt & cd2.txt on the root of the drive, then the install would carry on normally.

Can this be done?????

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Just for the heck of it;

0.9a (06-10)

- Added support for multiple drives

- Added /f parameter for the to-be-inserted disc

- Updated eject/close mechanism

- Rehauled drivechecking code

- Rehauled discchecking code

- Rehauled Silent Mode

- Rehauled Environment Mode a wee bit

- Removed *DRIVE* support for /s and /p

- Made /r-*DRIVE* dynamic

- Made drivechecking earlier

- Updates, updates, updates...

What's new? Probably a s***load of bugs, because I had to rewrite close to everything. Oh well, that's why I create alpha's right? :)

First off, I did a first go at implementing support for multiple drives. You know have three options:

1. The old method, you know, just specify one drive.

2. Use all drives. Just type "all" instead of a drive.

3. Specify the drive(s) to be used. Seperate them with a "!":

cdswitch blah D:!F:

You can still use the old detection methods, and as many drives as you want:

cdswitch D:!2!/g:"WindowsCD1"!/f:"CD1.txt"

Second, you can now specify to scan for file instead of label. Just use the "/f:" parameter as you would for the detection of the drive:

cdswitch D: /f:"CD2.txt"

It automatically adds the driveletter in front of it, so if "CD2.txt" is in the folder "apps":

cdswitch D: /f:"apps\CD2.txt"

That's it for now, download it here.

Edited by Nanaki
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