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I have been looking throught the form and the web site, I am looking for a manual on this program. I was wanting to setup the install so that if say "programA" was checked it would automaticaly check "programA addon". If "programA" was unchecked it would grey out "programA addon" choice.

Sorry it this has been explaned I have been unable to find info on it. Also is there a manual that I can download. If so where.

Also I was wanting to see if anyone else has this problem. With the default Theme it shows the items spreed out all over. With vaio theme it is all lined up nicely. Any thoughts?

Thank You for your help.

P.S. Excelent Program.

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An answer to question no.1:

go into options and uncheck "disable, when dependencies ot met"

not configure your apps to be dependent. (see example config - master and its dependants)

if you check a dependent program, its master is checked too. if you uncheck the master, the dependant is unchecked.

Q2: sorry. no better manual available.

Q3. make a screenshot and post it together with your useroptions.js and config.js, so that others could try out your config. it's important for us to know, which resolution you're using.

Good luck.

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You said "sorry. no better manual available." Dose this mean there is one? If so where can I find it. I check your home page but could not find anything.

Also I can't find the example of the "config - master and its dependants" could you tell me where to find it, I have searched the forms.

You could also just past lins to the areas if you want.

Sorry for being a pain.

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