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'out Of Memory' - Xplode 4.1


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I just can't seem to get away from the alpha. In 4.1 the "wait-problem" is fixed (kudos to you :)), but I have another one now.

After some time it runs out of memory. Installers complain about it and after 6 error messages or so XPlode just quits. Everything works fine with the alpha version.

I attached my error log, just ignore the 'file not found' errors, they are just results from typo's. :P


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Holy crap, it's definitly XPlode. :/

Alright, I tried collecting as much information as possible.

First thing's first, I can't go using Task Manager as I'm installing during T-12 stage. :) But I used pslist to log every step. I created a "lite" XPlode script to test it out a bit. After every install I logged the memory usage. XPlode.exe keeps on growing and growing...

Included are the following:

- XPlode script

- XPlode log (btw, the version string is out-of-date ;))

- 1.txt (first log) and 11.txt (last log) fully

- 2.txt until 10.txt only Xplode.exe

Information about pslist logs:

Pri = Priority

Thd = Number of Threads

Hnd = Number of Handles

Priv = Private Virtual Memory

It goes from low in the first log (7MB) to a whopping 178MB in the last log.

One last thing worth mentioning, I think XPlode4a also does this, but in a lesser deal.

Hope this helps fix some stuff.

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