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Watch Out With Kb885250

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Yes I agree, I has same network problems.

I was about to reinstall Windows XP on my computer, thinking of a corruption problem or else.

Luckily I found your post. I removed KB885250. And now I see my network files back !

My config : 2 PCs with Windows XP SP2 and all updates. Linked by a netgear WGT624 router. Making mapped network drives with the admin shares shares between the 2 PC. Same login and password on both. Full rights to acces all files and folders.

When this KB885250.exe was installed, I encountered some "bizarre" problems.

Folders were missing, coouldn't see them, but when typing it in the address bar, I could access it. In a folder I could see all .doc files, but not .xls files. It was really weard :s

I was getting this pb on both pc accessing shares of the other one.

Hope Microsoft will dare correct this issue ;)

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It was the weirdest of problems: I could see my shares, most files and dirs of the

root of it, but if I opened the dirs, some came empty across the network (but

contained some files and forders for real on my main computer).

I was able to determine the exact windows update that causes this problem:

KB885250 - Security update

exactly the same phenomenon here!

KB885250 installs a "mrxsmb.sys" version 5.1.2600.2598 that causes these problems.

the latest non-bugged "mrxsmb.sys" version 5.1.2600.2541 from 14.12.2004 (can't remember the KB-Nr) does not cause that problem...

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Well I'm running a W2K AD domain.  No stinkin WINS, thus NetBIOS is disabled via DHCP (and a machine startup script to catch those 1394, VPN, VMware adapters).  I also disable the Computer Browser service via GPO.  Strict DNS.  No issues.


I recommend Mark Minasi's Mastering Windows 2000 (or 2003).  His Mastering Windows 2000 was a masterpiece.  Very readable and easy to understand yet also thorough.

Rogue, I'd be interested in seeing that machine startup script you have there ;) And you're very correct about Mark Minasi's work, fine stuff.

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The problems with this patch seem to affect mixed OS environments, particularly if there are older OSs involved. If the "server" is a WIN98 machine, 'Save As' is disabled in many Apps.

MS have at last acknowledged some of the problems with this hotfix.

Go to


for another patch to fix the problem - if their comments apply. Sounds like a new hotfix is on the way from Win Update

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Finally I've found some people with the same problem. However I've found that installing KB885835 already causes this problem, Ryan might remember me posting this on his forum. I just copy the unpatched sp2 mrxsmb.sys (version 5.1.2600.2180 I haven't bothered to find a newer one) in my clean.cmd script. At first I thought it was because I used Nlite on my iso, but then I checked with a clean sp2 install with ryan's hotfix pack and found I had the same problem, missing folders, files and empty folders. Let's indeed hope there is a hotfix on the way, I don't really fancy checking each new update for another bugged mrxsmb.sys.

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