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  1. Thanks. Now everything works fine. Cheers
  2. Maybe I missed something but I can't make the hfslip-1.0 work. At the beginning I get this: The cmd window suddenly disappears and whole process is terminated. I have been using previous versions of hfslip (also last betas) for a long time and never had any problems like this. What's going on? Cheers
  3. OK, finally I managed to do it right. I did 2 tests. Firstly I changed winnt.sif entries to [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=d90asd8098vxcvx9084234... EncryptedAdminPassword=Yes but that didn't help. Then I removed all commented lines from winnt.sif and moved CreateUser.exe from T13 svcpack (7z-sfx) to T12 cmdlines ($OEM$) and everything went fine. I don't know exactly what was the problem, maybe the autologon entry was overwrriten somehow by the windows setup when I used to run the tool from svcpack. Soon I will try to do more tests. EDIT1: I did another test and it seems that CreateUser.exe should be run only from T12 cmdlines.txt. Cheers
  4. Ok, I tested v1.6 on VMware Firstly I commented two lines in my winnt.sif: [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=********** EncryptedAdminPassword=No ;AutoLogon=Yes ;AutoLogonCount=1 OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=100 OemSkipWelcome=1 ProfilesDir="%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings" and almost everything went fine except that at the first logon the username "Administrator" was used instead of my new created accout username. Because user name was incorrect, the error occured, then I manually entered correct username and it was ok. I checked the registry entry and there was "Administrator" as well. It looks like automatic logon took wrong username but I don't know why it happened. Any suggestions? My settings: [SecurityInfo] FakeAdmin=1 FakeGuest=1 RenameAdmin=1 RenameGuest=1 DisableAdmin=0 ForcedLogon=0 NewAdminName=root NewGuestName=NewGuest HideNewAdmin=1 Cheers
  5. when I run v1.6 on my current running windows the options: rename Administrator and Fake Administrator are disabled (grayed) again. Is this right? Cheers
  6. Next time I will try to modify my winnt.sif and test it again.
  7. It's very strange but all i wrote last time was after first login. Now after reboot (lets say 2nd login) there is no forced login problem, I can logoff/logon normally, as it's supposed to be. However automatic admin logon is gone somehow. I checked registry and there were: AutoAdminLogon=0 DefaultUserName=jdoe //yes I used default settings There was no DefaultPassowrd = "123" entry and no "ForceAutoLogon"="x" (and I'm almost sure there was no "ForceAutoLogon"="x" entry after first logon) Is it possible that automatic logon has been disabled by AutoLogonCount=1 option from my winnt.sif? [GuiUnattended] ... AutoLogonCount=1 Cheers
  8. Now it works almost perfectly. I successfully ran it from cmdlines.txt (next time I will try to create svcpack addon). Another strange thing is that when I execute v1.5 on my current running windows (XP SP2 EN with PL locales) or on VMWARE (XP SP2 PL) the options: rename Administrator and Fake Administrator are DISABLED (grayed). Firstly I thought it was normal and would work during setup but v1.6 works as it should and these options are available. There is only one thing that seems to be working improperly: after installation I can't logout! When I try to logout, another automatic login occurs with the same accout and this way I can't login on the other accout. I don't know if I fully understand the ForcedLogon option but anyway I set ForcedLogon=0 in the ini file. How can I disable the automatic re-loging on already-installed system? (which reg entry should I change?) Cheers
  9. I don't use CMDOW.exe. It's not my screenshot but I keep getting the same error. I use 1.5 version. Cheers
  10. The same problem here! WinXP(PL) SP2 + HFSLIP + nLite user.bat in $OEM$\cmdlines.txt: @ECHO OFF TITLE Creating Windows XP Users START /WAIT %SystemDrive%\Install\CreateUser.exe ...\$OEM$\$1\Install\CreateUser.exe Tested only on VMware. Can this be the problem? winnt.sif: [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=************* EncryptedAdminPassword=No AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 Any suggestions? Cheers
  11. There was no Profile folder in the Firefox dir and it was because there was a file named profile (no extension, just 'profile') and when I tryed to create the folder Profile manualy I got the error of the same name as profile (file). After removing profile file from Project\Firefox I created the folder and after clicking 'Copy my files', prefs.js bookmarks.html and mimeTypes.rdf were copied. I'm wondering what's wrong with the profile file, the content was: <?xml version="1.0"?> <RDF:RDF xmlns:NC="http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#" xmlns:RDF="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"> <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetype:handler:application/x-msdos-program" NC:alwaysAsk="true" NC:saveToDisk="true"> <NC:externalApplication RDF:resource="urn:mimetype:externalApplication:application/x-msdos-program"/> </RDF:Description> <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetypes"> <NC:MIME-types RDF:resource="urn:mimetypes:root"/> </RDF:Description> <RDF:Seq RDF:about="urn:mimetypes:root"> <RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mimetype:application/x-msdos-program"/> </RDF:Seq> <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetype:application/x-msdos-program" NC:value="application/x-msdos-program" NC:editable="true" NC:fileExtensions="exe" NC:description="Application"> <NC:handlerProp RDF:resource="urn:mimetype:handler:application/x-msdos-program"/> </RDF:Description> <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetype:externalApplication:application/x-msdos-program" NC:prettyName="" NC:path="" /> </RDF:RDF> I removed this file in order to create Profile folder. Now everything seems to work corectly. And one more question: I always disable bookmark toolbar in View menu but this option is not included in copied files. What files do I have to copy to include View settings? Cheers
  12. data.ini content: [Firefox] Name=Mozilla FireFox RegKey=Software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\ Path=%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\ ExeName=Firefox.exe Profile=%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\ ProfileFiles=prefs.js,bookmarks.html,mimeTypes.rdf RemoveProfile= MainFiles=plugins,searchplugins,components RemoveMain= Output=sfirefox.exe process log: Successfully copied plugins Successfully copied searchplugins Successfully copied components ----------------------------------- Main Files Processed Successfully copied prefs.js Successfully copied bookmarks.html Successfully copied mimeTypes.rdf ----------------------------------- Profile Files Processed 7-Zip (A) 3.12 Copyright (c) 1999-2003 Igor Pavlov 2003-12-10 Scanning Creating archive C:\Documents and Settings\vertigo\Desktop\Sof\app.7z Compressing Profile Compressing Main\components\compreg.dat Compressing Main\components\xpti.dat Compressing Main\components\jar50.dll Compressing Main\components\jsd3250.dll Compressing Main\npnul32.dll Compressing Main\plugins\npnul32.dll Compressing Main\npswf32.dll Compressing Main\plugins\npswf32.dll Compressing setuprsc.dll Compressing Main\components\xpinstal.dll Compressing Main\GetFlash.exe Compressing Main\plugins\GetFlash.exe Compressing Install.exe Compressing setup.exe Compressing Main\searchplugins\eBay.gif Compressing Main\searchplugins\google.gif Compressing Main\searchplugins\yahoo.gif Compressing config.ini Compressing install.ini Compressing Main\components\jsconsole-clhandler.js Compressing Main\components\nsBrowserContentHandler.js Compressing Main\components\nsBrowserGlue.js Compressing Main\components\nsCloseAllWindows.js Compressing Main\components\nsDictionary.js Compressing Main\components\nsExtensionManager.js Compressing Main\components\nsHelperAppDlg.js Compressing Main\components\nsPostUpdateWin.js Compressing Main\components\nsProxyAutoConfig.js Compressing Main\components\nsSetDefaultBrowser.js Compressing Main\components\nsSidebar.js Compressing Main\components\nsUpdateService.js Compressing Main\components\nsXmlRpcClient.js Compressing Main\GetFlash.exe.manifest Compressing Main\plugins\GetFlash.exe.manifest Compressing Main\searchplugins\amazondotcom.png Compressing Main\searchplugins\answers.png Compressing Main\searchplugins\creativecommons.png Compressing Main\searchplugins\amazondotcom.src Compressing Main\searchplugins\answers.src Compressing Main\searchplugins\creativecommons.src Compressing Main\searchplugins\eBay.src Compressing Main\searchplugins\google.src Compressing Main\searchplugins\yahoo.src Compressing license.txt Compressing Extensions\adblock- Compressing adt.xpi Compressing browser.xpi Compressing en-US.xpi Compressing Extensions\fasterfox-1.0.3-fx.xpi Compressing Extensions\flashgot- Compressing Extensions\noscript- Compressing talkback.xpi Compressing xpcom.xpi Compressing Main\components\browser.xpt Compressing Main\flashplayer.xpt Compressing Main\plugins\flashplayer.xpt Compressing Main\nsIQTScriptablePlugin.xpt Compressing Main\plugins\nsIQTScriptablePlugin.xpt Compressing UninstallFirefox.zip Everything is Ok New Package created Another strange thing is that I normally use SFX archive to extract flash plugin files into plugins dir, now when using sof, flash files are extracted but I can't view flash in browser. Settings and bookmarks still don't work. I don't know where I should look for my files after copying, there are no prefs.js bookmarks.html and mimeTypes.rdf inside .\Sof\Project\Firefox dir.
  13. Similar problem here (FF Nothing works except extensions. No bookmarks, no profile settings... Suggestions please?
  14. Here You are: Chipset: VIA KT400 (soc A) Graphics: NVIDIA GF3 Ti200/450 Sound: Realtek AC97 ALC650 HDD: 1xATA100 LAN: Realtek RTL8139
  15. Yes these are the only files left Full list: C:\D\L\SM\1\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\L\SM\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\L\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\M\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\M\AU\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\M\AU\4\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\M\IN\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\M\IN\2\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\M\N\INFCACHE.1 C:\D\S\INFCACHE.1 All others files are removed so maybe windows creates these after BTS_DPs_cleanup.cmd? PS. My BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V5052 updater shows that all the drivers are up to date and when i downloaded BASE_V506 the updater tryed to download old BASE_V505. Is it everything ok with the UpdateChecker.cmd?
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