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well, probably I'm just too stupid 4 this :D, but ... I've used previous version of XPlode and it' works just fine ... now I see many new stuff in the new version, and I just wonder how to make some stuff, like how to set user password to never expires ... how to copy i386 and $OEM$ folder over to C:\Windows\Options ...

anyway, to make my question easier, can anyone make an example xml file with all options used, so we (stupid lol) can just change what we need, and remove stuff we don't need? I hope it's not much to ask for :) Thanks

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Don't know about the password stuff as I never use one. But the file I/O isn't working yet so that could be the issue. I guess you could make a batch and use the xcopy command to copy the folders.

Ya could even rar up the two folders to save space and use that to extract it.

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So there is no way this that I use in older XPlode can be "reused" ... (?) thanks

<item display='Copying Windows installation files for later use' image="%SOURCEPATH%\Postinstall\images\">
<copy source='%SOURCEPATH%\i386\' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\Options\i386\' arguments='*.*' />
<copy source='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\Sysprep\' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\Options\Sysprep\' arguments='*.*' />
<copy source='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\Sysprep\' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Sysprep\' arguments='*.*' />
<copy source='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\' target='%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\Options\Install\' arguments='*.*' />

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