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7z sfx without Cancel Button - DONE

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I have been playing around with 7z after trying the excellent tutes of Astalavista & evilvoice. Mainly trying to figure out what was going on with these sfx modules (I know I'm dense).

Whilst replacing the icon in one such file I also tried deleting the Cancel button from the Dialog (and resizing it to suit)

It works fine. Still get a progress bar but check it out. This is an Office package as per Astalavistas tutorial. Cancel button removed using Reshacker.


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HELL that is GREAT!!!! :thumbup

ok I did it I remove the cancel button and edited the base icon. yahoo!!!

thanks I feel so stupid not thinking of it earlier.

I did not change the icon anymore with the attached file. You guys :rolleyes: can edit it with res hacker. Yahoo

time to edit my nero and office now. yahooooooo :thumbup

I repacked all my 7zip files hehehehhe all working


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By request - a simple tutorial;

1. Make a copy of the 7zS.sfx module from the 7zip folder (so you don't screw-up the original).

2.Start ResHacker and open your copy of the sfx.

3. Expand the Dialog branch in the left pane and navigate to 500\1033. You should see the extraction dialog in a small window and its properties in the right pane of the main window (see attached picture).

4. Click on the "Cancel" button of the Dialog and you will see that it is highlighted. Now hit your "Delete" key. Yea - it's gone.

5. Compile the script (use "Compile Script" button)

6. If you want to resize the dialog to get rid of the empty grey where the button was, you now need to pay attention to the first line of the properties window.

7. It says

500 DIALOG 0, 0, 186, 55

The 186 is the current width and the 55 is the current height - edit them to your taste.

8. Compile the script to see the changes.

9 Save the hacked file - a backup should have been made of your original copy.

Now - is anyone brave enough to try deleting the progress bar and setting the dialog size to 1,1 so it's pretty much invisible?


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Yahoo i wiped out the entire box...

thanks ryan for the tip.

Attention Sixpack for you.

Attached below is a automated 7zip sfx for our DP (drivers pack)

warning... if u dont know what i am talking about here. Do not use this method.

it is for sixpack, Bashrat and rougespear (i hope i spelled that right :) )


1. go to your $OEM$\$1

2. Extract your DP.exe

3. Delete your DP.exe

4. Download the file below and extract it into your %programfiles%\7zip Folder

5. Right Click on DP folder in $OEM$\$1

6. Select Add to Archive

7. Set to Ultra and then to Create SFX

now during T-39 we will have a totally silent extraction of our DP drivers hahhahahah!!!!


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OH..... MY.... GOD!!!!11

7zip SFX ?

No Cancel button ?

heck, no extraction dialog box even ?

A hearty pat on the back for you Spartacus! This is great news. :D

Combined with its compression ratio, this works wonders for uA!

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No setting to 0,0 still gives you a small box. You have to remove some header.

500 DIALOG 0, 0, 186, 55
CAPTION "Progress"
FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg"
  CONTROL "Progress1", 1000, "msctls_progress32", PBS_SMOOTH | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER, 7, 7, 172, 14


500 DIALOG 0, 0, 0, 0
CAPTION "Progress"
FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg"

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Old news.... :zzz:

I've been doing this type of thing at work with winrar for ages. Heck they even want you  to do it, hence why they offer uncompressed extraction engines for download.

Move along people, nothing to see here....

Oh, but that's winrar. And this is 7zip.

And yes, its interesting for a lot of people, so you can't say that its old news for them.

Anyways, it would be nice to know a few more tips that you know. Considering you knew this one since a lot of time. :yes:

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