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Hey.. i was wondering whether my pc will be able to run Unreal Tournament 2003 nice on it.. i'm getting it tonite..can't wait.. my pc specs are

1.1ghz celeron

256mb of ram

Gforce2 MX 400 (Ahh.. s*** but getting Geforce4 TI soon:D)

any ideas if it will run good?

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the nvidia gf2 mx series cards are great cards..... unless you want to play games :)

unfortunately... no, your vid card is "outdated" when it comes to gaming.

not to say that you have a bad videocard, but the nvidia mx line has always been about $$$. cheap, easy, and runs most games pitifully.

when the gf2 mx series came out, it was already behind the curve... but you can pickup a decent card for cheap....

newegg.com has geforce4 ti4200 (64meg) for about $120 before shipping.

imo, id stay away from nvidias mx series cards in the future if you want to play games

good luck


i see that u are from the uk, i dont know where to buy there sorry..

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