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[TIP] gpedit.msc policies in reg form


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If you have used Group Policy editor on win2k/XP/2k3, you must have seen so many fantastically useful settings there, and thought of doing it unattended. But I've always seen only INFs to be applied by the secedit tool at command-line - which is not a very exciting idea.

Instead, just run gpedit.msc, and go to the option you want to set in it.

1. Disable it - so that the key is set in registry.

2. Take a snapshot of your registry using regshot.

3. Now enable the option you want.

4. Take a 2nd snapshot with regshot.

5. Now ask regshot to "Compare" the two, and it will throw up a text file that shows all modified keys in their "before" and "after" forms.

6. There will be many keys listed - including those that are not related to what you want. Its easy enough for you to identify the right ones and take the "after" form. If the key shown is a per-user setting, it will have the SID before it - just shorten that to HKCU.

7. Now put this key in your regtweaks that you apply during uA setup.


How to run the policy editor?

Start >> Run >> gpedit.msc

Where is regshot?

link to download

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I've just browsed through the xls file and there are things in there that doesn't have a registry entry (eg. password policy, account lockout policy etc.). Was looking forward to having everything in regtweaks. Looks like those security templates are still king if you want total security settings made easy. :unsure:

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