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  1. Total Commander with plugins

    Like I just said in another thread, TCmd is a standalone app. And again, like I said in that thread, all you need is the Total Commander folder and the wincmd.ini-file. Set it up before you install (with plugins) and then just toss it in the $$ folders. Total Commander (the folder) goes in Program Files. wincmd.ini (your settings) goes in Windows. Works like a charm. =) Also, wcx_ftp.ini contains your FTP-servers, if you have any added to TCmd... this one also goes in the Windows-folder, just like wincmd.ini. Good luck!
  2. Actually, this is a standalone app. All you need to do is place wincmd.ini in your system directory (to preserve your settings) and the Total Commander folder in Program Files. To my knowledge TCmd doesn't even try to access the registry. =)
  3. [Desktops] 2005

    Nicely done... is there a possibility you could package your setup and post it? I really dig the clean look you have there. Bah... I can link the stuff, that I can do. Hermik has yet to respond to my email from a month back or so concerning some other work of his, and I can't go about editing his stuff and spreading it without permission, can I? Mafia by Y/C: http://yc.exitcodezero.com/files/mafia/ (get mafia.rar) Faster than your car by Hermik: http://www.customize.org/details/32239 Smoke by Aaron Spuler: http://www.spuler.us/ (Themes -> Smoke -> Select your browser) That should do it, neh?
  4. Best PC game?

    Halo. Definitely Halo. Singleplayer, multiplayer... the works. Halo.
  5. That's one of the things I do (list of drives on the left hand side), and like prathapml I do it with registry settings identified via the same method he uses.
  6. Why bother? ;> http://www.free-codecs.com/download/QuickT...Alternative.htm
  7. Adding alternate shells (not GUIs) to XP

    1 second worth of Googling gave me this; http://www.steve.org.uk/Software/bash/ Enjoy... or whatever.
  8. are you addicted to the internet?

    Hardcore junkie for me as well... though the phone remark was a bit off. I have a quite capable phone, even had one with Symbian OS for a while (SE P900 equivalent of a phone). Plus I have skype, which is kinda like a phone. ;D
  9. [Desktops] 2005

    Tokugawapants: It's a background in the program, not actual transparency. ;D And I used a plugin to remove the border... http://puff.dlxmedia.net/FlatClist.zip Zxian: No... that's geOShell. un4given1: What did you expect?
  10. [Desktops] 2005

    Miranda ICQ. Well... Miranda, but I use it for ICQ. Death to MSN.
  11. [Desktops] 2005

    Unlurking for the sake of posting a screenshot, hrr hrr. ;D Anyway, here's mine (warning, it's a wee bit huge); - Wallpaper is "Faster than your car" by Hermik, edited by me. - Icons at the bottom by me, with a base from Stony's Lunar Icons for Miranda (which I use at the right) - Mozilla theme is Smoke by Aaron Spuler (based on the Orbital icon suite by Hermik), edited by me. - Visual style: Mafia (can't remember who made it). That should sum it up nicely, eh?
  12. ATI + NVidea Driver in OemPnPDriversPath

    I personally change my gamma a bit, but that's about it. Maybe sometimes I change some AA/AF-settings in OpenGL/DX.
  13. ATI + NVidea Driver in OemPnPDriversPath

    If you made a concious choice to use the default settings and to not install the control panel, then no... but if you just use default because you never checked the control panel out, then at the very least you should try the cpanel. Anyway, the response was directed at RichTJ99 who asked if the control panel was included. =)
  14. ATI + NVidea Driver in OemPnPDriversPath

    Regular ATI drivers won't install control panel by default... however, Omega's driverpack will. http://www.omegadrivers.net/ Those aren't signed, if you need that info. ;> If you want, you can extract the regular ATI drivers and the Omega drivers and create a hybrid driver pack by using the Omega driverpack inf-files located in 2KXP_INF folder instead of the regular ATI infs. You will have to add the missing files to the ATI driver folder though, and figuring out which ones you need might be a bit tedious. Normally though, this isn't necessary at all, Omega drivers will work just fine, so unless you know what you're doing, don't bother. Oh, and a personal opinion... why bother including unpacked drivers in the first place? They change alot, and will most likely be outdated in a very short while.