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I try to explain it in english, but I will post the question in german too, because I think Hasi will understand my german much better as my english ;)

Ok, also ich würde mich über eine Option freuen, mit der man die seitenweise Ansicht abschalten kann. Ich hab den Scrollbalken an und finde es etwas komisch, dass eine lange Kategorie oben links anfängt, dann in der zweiten Spalte weitergeht und dann auf der nächsten Seite wieder links anfängt. Da die meisten doch inzwischen eine Maus mit Rad haben sollten, ist das scrollen doch recht einfach und übersichtlicher wenn die Kategorie der länge nach von oben bis unten geht, oder? Was meinst du dazu?

Ok now in english :

I could use a option in WPI to turn off the the view page by page. I have turned on the scrollbar and I think most of us use the scroll-wheel. So I'd like to have all programs of on category in one column and not breaked by the sites. Long categories are breaked after the first page, continue in the second column on the page and then continue in the left column on the second page. What do you thin about that?

Greets Tomcat

PS: brauchst nicht auf deutsch antworten, lesen kann ich englisch doch recht gut ;)

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I see your point, but please understand the following: Doing it the way it is now only affords 1 single strategy for rendering the textboxes. This startegis is the following:

begin in upper-left corner and place boxes (and category headers) downwards. If space is filled up , begin a new column. Do this, until max-columns are filled or no programs left. if there are still programs, place the page-flipping-line and begin anew.

Your suggested method could work in another way:

Begin in upper-left corner. while "in-category", place the boxes. if column space is filled up, change column, else process the next category. What happens, when all columns are filled up, and there are still programs left ?

So that would lead to the following strategy: count the programs and divide their number by number of max columns. Begin in upper-left corner. for each box displayed, increatse a counter. if counter = previous result (progs/maxcols), begin a new column (not immediately, but when next category begins). That would be a top-down-right-strategy. It would alwas lead to the number of defined columns. No page-flipping. Always use scrollbar.

Dunno how that all would look like in code, but it can be done.

I'm open for any further suggestions. @users: decide !

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Suggestion is:

leave it as it is

 +-Page 1------------+
 + AAAA  BBBB        +
 + AAAA        DDDD  +
 +        page flip  +
.+.Page 2-.-.-.-.-.-.+..
 + DDDD  EEEE        +
 + DDDD  EEEE        +  
 + DDDD  EEEE        +
 + DDDD              +
 +                   +


recode it and remove the page flipping 'cause we all know how to use a scrollbar. the second option would also lead to always have as many columns, as were defined in options (so it won't be maximum nuber of cols, but fixed number of cols).

 + AAAA        EEEE r+
 + AAAA  DDDD       o+
 + AAAA  DDDD       l+
 + BBBB  DDDD       b+
 + BBBB  DDDD       a+
 + BBBB  DDDD       r+
 + BBBB              +

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well, i only use one page of WPI, so I don't know how that would look acc. to the second coding.

would it still all be on one page? (seperate columns)

if so, then i'm all for the new coding, so that if one day my list gets longer itll look ok.

here is a screenshot of how it looks now. as long as it would look the same with the new coding, im all for it.


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I would prefer the second option. No page flipping is needed when you have a scrollbar.

I'm only not sure about:

the second option would also lead to always have as many columns, as were defined in options (so it won't be maximum nuber of cols, but fixed number of cols)

I hope the number of columns will still be adjusted to the screensize, i.e. if actual screenwidth<1024 then number of colums=2.

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