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Add apps to BartPE. Please


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As a long time fan of BartPE and the CD Forum, not to mention being creator of a few BartPE plugins im disturbed to see

You will not find much in these forums on Barts. This forum deal mostly in pure MS OPK PE.

Exqueeze me?

We roll our own thanks very much, and have nothing to do with MS OPK PE whatsoever, in fact if you check out your history WE actually have had some influence on MS's latest version of PE. I and a few others got Plug&Play working on our PE around a year ago (i made the first mass used P&P plugin from my own and others input)

MS at the time was saying it couldnt be done and even the Developer Network newsgroup kiddies laughed at us.

Guess who:

1) Isnt laughing and hasnt been for nearly a year

2) Just added driver loading to their PE

We did it without the one advantage Ms had over us....source code. But then noones ever going to see that outside of redmond....................

I smile everytime i play a DVD in PowerDVD (dualviewed via my Nvidia card to my TV and in 7.1 Surround Sound) on my BartPE build :)


If you actually do go to www.911cd.net/forums and then the pebuilder section and then go to the plugins section, you will find THE largest collection of plugins for BartPE Pebuilder, in fact this is the clearinghouse if you like to think of it that way.

For the terminally lazy theres a direct link here to the plugins forum

Some posts contain diretc links to the plugins, some go off site

You can try some of the off site ones by visiting:

Paragliders Site - has many plugins available and is a large contributor to the whole BartPE thing.

Sherpya's Site - again has many plugins avilable, most famous for his XPE Shell.....makes PE look/act exactly like XP with the Fisher-Price wanky theme turned off :)

My Site - You'll find a few plugins here, more to come, some being updated and if you look at my links page, there a link to msfn, which i check out religously!!

I hope this helps

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Exqueeze me?

Are you done?

I am very happy for you and your PE Build Based on BartsPE.

My comment was informational to the person who wrote the topic requesting Barts Plugs ins and had a whopping 2 responses.

If you want Barts plug ins... Yes... 911cd is the place to go. They have tons of them (I have an ID there too by the way). Not to say you will get thrown out of here since the folks here are generally knowledgeable and helpfull when they can be.

If you want to leverage Pure MS OPK PE. You are in the right place. I have not yet found a better or more complete forum for the MS OPK PE. There is a clearcut diffrerence between the two as you already know.

I personally get VERY offended when someone throws BartsPE in my face.

Nuff said.

My applologies to the Forum Administrator. Didn't want to get rude but I felt it had to be said.


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I'm new to all this PE thing and want to learn. I came here and people discussed about bartPE. I thought if i post my question about bartpe, i'll get the answer.

Of course, i checked out 911 forum. I thought i can find my answer right here WITHOUT going to 911 forum with a new account there.

I want to learn how to create a plugin for bartPE so that i can add my own plugins.

thanks for the help.

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