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If A is selected, then B should be ... what ?

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Hi folks.

Read thru the change requests and found some of you wishing for an option to 'exclude' applications when others are selected.

We know how dependencies work. If you select a program A, which is dependent on another program A, which isn't selected, then A get's selected too. A's parent would also get selected, until no dependencies are left.

The same with deselection. I called that functionality 'dependecies'

Now on to 'exclusions':

The requested functionality seems to be the opposite to dependencies. If program A is selected, program B should be deselected - then follow the deselection rules of 'dependencies', right ?

All progs that got deselected in this step should be disabled too.

If A is deselected again, then enable all progs, that got deselected.

Any additions ?

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I think that would work for me as well. The idea being if someone selected office 2003 full install, then tried to select office 2003 word only then it would check work only and remove the check from office 2003 full install.

If possible it would be even better if a user selected office 2003 full install then office 2003 word only would be greyed out.


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One more suggestion, don't know if this functionality already exists:

When the WPI opens the user has the option to simply exit, creating no RunOnce menu. Fair enough.

But if the user selects ANYTHING from the menu then the associated installer files are required. Problem is, I have my files packed as an SFX and only need to unpack if options are selected. So here's the dilemna: can a menuless WPI entry be created at the start of the process, one that does not appear on the WPI menu itself but is activated if ANY menu items are selected? In my case, this entry would be used to unpack the SFX prior to running the RunOnce (if the entry appears in RunOnce, e.g. "Extracting installation files," that's OK by me). A second hidden WPI entry that would appear at the end of RunOnce--to clean up the install files--would be most useful.

Or should I just use the already excellent functionality you have built into WPI to create two additional entries, ensure that they are selected if ANY of the other items are selected, and live with a larger WPI menu? Would be nice if they did not show up in the WPI interface. :thumbup

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This has nothing to do with this thread's context. There's a pinned thread in the forum for change requests and wishes. Post your message there (I use that thread for inspiration).

BTW: nice change request. I'll put 'hidden (forced install) programs' on my list.

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sounds good to me,thanks!

You real do it !!Thanks for your achieving my request

but....I dont know where problem is.

I cant use the funtions,I use WPI 3.2.1

could u help me to find problem as fllows:


prog[pn]=['M$ OfficeXP SP3 - self']




prog[pn]=['M$ OfficeXP SP3 - full']





I already found where to modify the text color

It is wpi.css

for somebody who want to modify color like me

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