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Program Select Menu?

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I was wondering if there is a program or script that can run as a program selection menu so when it comes time to install the software it lets you select what you want or dont want... I understand that it sort of defeats the purpose of an "unattended" Disc but It is an interesting idea for a larger Disc (DVD) with multiple programs.

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Try RestoreCD

RestoreCD is an instalation menuing program that is burnt to a CD and then runs as an autorun progam to install the drivers or applications on that CD. RestoreCD can also be run form a PC hard disk or Network Drive.

RestoreCD has been tested on and supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

You can change the splash and the picture on the left in unregistered version. It can be different for each version of Windows it is run on.

RestoreCD is shareware, it is free to use for non-commercial use (ie home).


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I use a floppy disk for my winnt.sif and batch files

put all the info on your batch file, and echo out any lines that you don't want installed

plus, you can change serial numbers in the winnt.sif files, as well as user and workgroup names.

and it's not that hard to do either B)

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Just started using WPI myself and it is just the thing i've been looking for. I can uses scrips written for my Runonce.cmd in the config.js so i've nearly a working WPI up and running.

I dont combine WPI with my unattended but use nlite to create my unattended XPCD and have all my apps on a seperate disk that can been installed with WPI.

Nice work hasi001 :thumbup

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