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The Best Registry Cleaner Is...


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Never found that "perfect" registry cleaner. Most of them are useless if not dangerous. Most of them use the same approach, searching for a referenced file and mark key as invalid if that file cannot be found. For me, this is absolutely wrong method. It may work on recent file lists (MRU) but it's wrong when checking classes, OLE keys and various other registry elements.

The best cleaner for me, is an advanced registry editor (eg Registry Workshop) or an ultrafast reg searching util (RegCrawler) and that's all.

For the rest people who like those cleaning tools, i suggest something that can handle exceptions, thus giving the option to exclude valid and dangerous entries from been identified as invalid.

Tools like AceUtilities, Reg First Aid and a few others are just a few of them. Others, are almost useless although are well known even bestsellers.

PS: NEVER allow a reg cleaner to erase found keys without first check them. And btw, always keep a backup.


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