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The best hardware-system stability testing program


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What could I use to check for hardware-system stability under Windows XP..

I've used Burn In Test Pro on one PC and test has shown PASSED result and then after few hours it crashed to blue screen when the computer was in idle state...

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There isn't a complex program to TEST ALL OVER stability ... instead you have to use a nuber of programs to teast each component one by one ... or in couples. There are few parts that should be tested for stability ...

RAM: The RAM is one of the most importatn part to be tested, cuz if your RAM memory gives error while working your XP might need reinstall and this is not the best thing to happen :P In most cases you will rescive "the blue sreen of death". The BEST program to test you memory is not for windows :D It is called Memtest . It creates a bootable floppy disk that runs 10 tests of your memory. If your memory passed them all then it will be 200% working w/o ANY problems at all in Win.

CPU: When CPU hangs ... it will probably FREEZE the screen you are on or sometimes restart the PC. Restarting of the PC might also be because your ATX PSU (Power Supply Unit) can't supply the required by the CPU power ... ( There are only 2 or 3 PSUs that are REALY 300W, most of the 300W PSUs i have seen noname PSU 350W that can't provide even 200W, so a good PSU is one of the important things to hae if you want stable PC )

The BEST program to place some load on your CPU after you have tested your RAM with Memtest is called Prime95. It uses simple alorithms to load the CPU to the MAX ... when it is running you will probably notice that the CPU temp is rising dramaticly so have in mind that if you have crappy CPU cooling you might cause damage to the system ) Prime95 has 3 Stress tests ... each of them is good to be runned for about 30 mins ... First is to test your CPU only at high priority .. means that you won't be able to use your CPU for anything elese but testing. 2nd one tests CPU-RAM communication ... same thing as the first you won't be able to use your PC for anyting else but testing . The 3rd test blends the Prime95 into background while you are working with lowest class priority, and instead while you are working to have any idle cpu time Prime takes it for testing your CPU and RAM so you won't notice the prime's presence.

Video Card: Gamers engine is one of the parts that also can make your PC unstable. To test this one the best way you can run 3DMark 03 ... I did not reccomended 3dmark 2001 or 05 for few reasons ... 2001 it loads more CPU than Video Card; 05 too hevy for most of the users. So 03 is the best way to test you VGA.

Motherboard is also important for a stable system but the programs that can test MBs are too profesional and making theer wrong step might result to MB for the Bin .. instead of stable system :P I will not mention them for security reasons ;) If someone experanced is interested PM me ...

Well i hope i have been of help of you !

Best of Luck !

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