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winnt.sif Problem

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I made a windows xp pro sp2 unattended dvd and I used this winnt.sif file to do the custom install, I don't now why when I boot to the dvd it says:

"Line 1 of the inf file \i386\winnt.sit is invalid

setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit"

this is what my winnt.sif has in it

;SetupMgrTag BY screamer

   WaitForReboot = No
   DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
   NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
   Hibernation = No

   AutoLogon = Yes

DefaultThemesOff = Yes
DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes








Can someone please help me out... :(

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Hmm.. 2 ideas at first.

1. "Line 1 of the inf file \i386\winnt.sit is invalid <--- winnt.siT (was this a typo)

2. SetupMgrTag BY screamer <--- Have you tried taking the BY screamer off?

I have not tried DVD method, only CD so that's about the extent for me..

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Yeah it was a bad image, when I used nlite it said these messages:

Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.

Warning: creating filesystem with (nonstandard) Joliet extensions

but without (standard) Rock Ridge extensions.

It is highly recommended to add Rock Ridge

Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation

when I did a normal cd it worked then I add my custom files in and everything okay and thanks again RyanVM :D

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It never ceases to amaze me how many of the problems on this board would be solved faster if people would JUST INCLUDE ALL OF THE INFORMATION FROM THE START.

You would be surprised. SOme people include the WRONG information. ie.

"My files won't copy over from the CDROM, here is my install.cmd" :lol:

Or they forget CODE tags when posting. :ahem:

Or they forget to tell us they use nLite, and now they don't know why a certain program doesn't work

Or they forget that we can't read minds (most anyway) B)

A good 90% would either be solved faster, or get a decent response the first go around if the proper info was given.

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Yeah, nLite, while a great program for those who know what they're doing, is the source for a LOT of problems.

I can't decide if it's too n00b friendly or not enough. It almost makes things too easy for someone to muck things up. Not to mention that having the whole process automated means they're pretty much completely unlikely to actually learn how to make an unattended CD, meaning they have pretty much no troubleshooting ability whatsoever.

EDIT: I guess in that sense, you can't fault them too much for not posting all of the relevant details, as many of them don't know what those relevant details are!

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