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[Release] Storm


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Current Version: 1.1.2

This originally started out as another darker mod of my previous K-OSX visual style, I hope you like it.


Thick/Thin taskbars.

Normal/Compact start menus.

With/Without search icon in the tray.

Font choices; Lucida Grande, Tahoma, and Verdana.


Avedesk SearchBar images.

Standard Object Dock background. Tabs for the Plus version may come later.

Preview: Click the image to view full size.


» Download here «

I would love to hear your comments\bug reports.

Happy Modding...

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@Krezno if you want the people to know your work you have to upload your work on other big sites, or that it's what i do :P

anyway very good job man i really like it, specially the one called "Black K-OSX". i was searching for a theme like this for many places :ph34r:

as @knewman01 suggested where can i find a matching wallpaper for "storm"

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a bit off topic krenzo but your sig is too big compared to the current msfn rules:

5. Images in signatures are limited to 300x100 and 80kb. Members with slow connection can disable other members signatures when reading posts by going to: My Control - Options - Board Settings. Also, flash sigs are not permitted. Avatars are to be a maximum of 100x100 pixels. You can enter max 4 lines of text in signature or signature image and limited to 1 line of text above or below the image. If your avatar or signature goes above these guidelines they will be taken off and the member contacted via PM. Any signatures found to be attached to a thread and used as a signature host is not allowed on MSFN and will be removed.
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the wallpaper you seek can befound here » http://www.lasth0pe.com/nf/1.jpg  :D

lovely wallpaper thanks :D

@Wasim, i think he's not annoying anyone with this sign. that rule it's to prevent high bandwidth signs, and it's only 22,4kb. anyway you can disable to show any sign on your CP :P

edit: new desktop thx Krezno, snap_small_storm.jpg

Edited by SiMoNsAyS
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