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  1. REQ: Anyone have ShinobiWhite

    Try this : http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/16090475/ With styler by susumu.
  2. [Desktops] 2005

    pliiis ;] wallpaper dude !!! fantastic wall, i want, i want
  3. Changing background image

    You must edit the shell file in your theme folder, for example : .../resources/theme/luna/normalcolor/shellstyle.dll by resource hacker.
  4. [ Release ] Dark Side Of Inspirat

    Yes, fixed all. At the moment Regards I'm testing with icon : 32, 38, 40, 42, 48.
  5. [ Release ] Dark Side Of Inspirat

    No problem dude : Copy and past, save as file.reg and run.
  6. [Desktops] 2005

    @dagonet - perfect symetric But, where is mouse at left ? My new : VS - Dark Side of Inspirat Wall - Sunset
  7. [ Release ] Dark Side Of Inspirat

    @glent - you must change icon size to 48. Sorry man, all theme with compact menu requires this change. Thanks for comment !!!
  8. Orginal author : StefanKa Visual Style - Download YzToolbar Theme - Download Thanks StefanKa for permision !!! Included two version, with : 1. Normal menu 2. Compact menu I hope you like it ppl Update on 03.03.2005 - fixed Compact Menu - fixed close buttons - fixed any know bugs - added some wallpapers
  9. [Desktops] 2005

    Okey - let's try I send again message to author, waiting to response Small update in my cathode : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/skoczu/cat.jpg Look at button in taskbar
  10. [Desktops] 2005

    @harunaksoy - wallpaper from link Cathode ....hmm.... maybe in future ? @Tokugawapants - funny note "whooops"
  11. [Desktops] 2005

    @frizti - link to wallapaper please And this is Cathode, Mac theme, porting by me, but, i don't have a permision from author to share. Clean $ Dirty - i hope you like it.
  12. [Desktops] 2005

    or : www.aqua-soft.com www.aero-soft.com and many many others regards
  13. [Desktops] 2005

    no no no - use YzToolbar