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.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack

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I just used your method, Dziubek, and after the extraction of my netfxsp1PL.exe, it say setup.exe not found. The window title is 7-zip

Oh and by the way there is a mistake in your batch file

START /wait NDP1-1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe /XP:"%TmpDir%"

should be

START /wait NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe /XP:"%TmpDir%"

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OK, here's a link to a fully standalone, 7-zip based (Ultra compression), .NET 1.1 SP1 installer for XP SP2 (I've been told anecdotally that SP2's msiexec.exe isn't backwards compatible with SP1, but I haven't verified it). It requires no command switches to be operated. It extracts to a temporary directory and calls the MSI file, which is run with the /qb switch (sorry all you /qn nuts). Upon completion, all setup files are deleted and Windows setup continues on its merry way.

Enjoy :)

http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/netfxsp1.exe (11.0MB)

EDIT: Special thanks to bitmonster and evilvoice for the help in creating the 7-zip installer.

can this be put under svcpack.inf ?

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@hmaster10:  yes.


thank you :)

by the way, if i put this in svcpack.inf, i will not use any switches right, as they are already integrated in the self-extracting file?

KB873333.exe /q /n /z
KB873339.exe /q /n /z
KB883939.exe /q /n /z

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i know nothing of those color entries.

just place netfxsp1.exe in there and be done with it.

EDIT, oh, that was for the board, they arent actually being enterred.


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Good info on this page. I've been trying to get a silent/switchless installer for .NET 1.1 (fully updated), but am still struggling with the following two issues:

- the language pack cannot be directly integrated

- Add/Remove Programs has an entry for the ASP hotfix, but it's useless since it cannot be removed manually from there

As a result, I now have three packages in one:

File 1 = Executable holding .NET 1.1 with SP1 and ASP hotfix slipstreamed

File 2 = .reg tweak to remove redundant Add/Remove Programs entry

File 3 = Executable holding Dutch language pack

For File 1, I made an administrative installation point of .NET 1.1 and slipstreamed the SP1 and ASP updates into it. Then I used 7-zip to create the executable.

For File 3, I extracted the content of the language pack, kept "langpac1.cab" and "langpack.msi", and turned it into an executable using 7-zip.

File 1 and File 2 were "merged" using IExpress (with the .reg tweak running post-install). After that, I fired up IExpress again to combine the previously combined installer (for Files 1 and 2) with File 3 (the latter running post-install).

ResHacker was then used to change the icon of the "main" installer.

Although it works, when I look at this, it sort of has a "patchy" feel to it. I can't help but think that there are better ways of doing it...

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I'm not sure your make_add subroutine can add the Highmat CD update. This update is not the same type as jviewer and langpack so it does not use the same switches.

When I run your make.bat file, the application switch messagebox pops up when it gets to the Highmat update. You seem to say it works for you, I am doing something wrong?

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dziubek got this small guide from bitmonster and now i get this from him (also thnks :) ) and upgraded his batchfile too.

Here is a small guide how to create your own install

.NET Framework 1.1 + .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 + KB886903 hotfix

if English is not your language, change the language in your language. (The mine is Dutch, so i change them to dutch) :

1. Get the .NET framework v1.1 re-distributable package and put it in a folder, let us called it FRAMEWORK.

2a. Get the .NET framework v1.1 SP1 update and put it in the same folder as above.

2b. Also get the NDP1.1sp1-KB886903-X86.exe hotfix here

3. Get 7-Zip and install it. Open the folder where 7-zip has installed and grab the 7za.exe. (i choose for the nonBeta to be sure to get a stable installer)

You also need the 7zsNOGUI.sfx, get it here(7zS NoGUI-> and rename the 7zSNOGUI.sfx to 7zS.sfx) and copy them both to your folder. You can deinstall 7-Zip now if you want.

4. Get the UPX-package (Win32 console version), unpack it and copy the upx.exe to your folder

5. Get the StartX-package, grab the StartX.exe out of the archive (you find it in the 'Release' folder) and move it to your folder.

6. Make a new batch-file in your folder, name it make.bat and paste the following text into it:

The next code is to create a netfxsp1NL packet because my language is dutch, if your language is Polish for example, rewrite all the NL to PL.

SET TmpDir=%~dp0tmp
SET BuildDir=%~dp0build\
CD "%~p0"
MD "%TmpDir%"
MD "%BuildDir%"
MD "%BuildDir%netfxsp1NL"
START /wait dotnetfx.exe /C /T:"%TmpDir%"
START /wait NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe /XP:"%TmpDir%"
START /wait NDP1.1sp1-KB886903-X86.exe /XP:"%TmpDir%"
CD "%TmpDir%"
START /wait msiexec /a netfx.msi TARGETDIR="%BuildDir%netfxsp1NL" /QB
START /wait msiexec /p S867460.msp /a "%BuildDir%netfxsp1NL\netfx.msi"
START /wait msiexec /p M886903.msp /a "%BuildDir%netfxsp1NL\netfx.msi"

RMDIR /S /Q tmp
COPY StartX.exe "%BuildDir%StartX.exe"
CD "%BuildDir%"
ECHO START /WAIT /Dnetfxsp1NL msiexec.exe /i netfx.msi /qb>install.bat

SET Target=langpack
IF EXIST %Target%.exe CALL :make_add

CD "%BuildDir%"
..\7za.exe a "%~dp0netfxsp1NL.7z" -r -mx=7 -mfb=255 -md=48m *
RMDIR /S /Q "%BuildDir%"
COPY 7zS.sfx 7zSC.sfx
upx.exe 7zSC.sfx
ECHO RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT /B \"install.bat\"">>config.txt
COPY /b 7zSC.sfx + config.txt + netfxsp1NL.7z netfxsp1NL.exe
DEL 7zSC.sfx
DEL config.txt
DEL netfxsp1NL.7z

MD "%TmpDir%"
MD "%BuildDir%%Target%"
START /wait %Target%.exe /C /T:"%TmpDir%"
CD "%TmpDir%"
SET MsiName=
FOR %%I in (*.*) DO IF /I "%%~xI" == ".MSI" SET MsiName=%%I
START /wait msiexec /a "%MsiName%" TARGETDIR="%BuildDir%%Target%" /QB
RMDIR /S /Q tmp
CD "%BuildDir%"
ECHO START /WAIT /D%Target% msiexec.exe /i "%MsiName%" /qb>>install.bat

Now you should have the following files in your folder:


Start the make.bat and wait 2 minutes. At the end you should have a netfxsp1NL.exe in your folder with a size of about 11,7 MB.

You can run this standalone file through svcpack.inf or any other batch without any commandline switches. But if you use a batch instead of svcpack.inf you should use the start-command:


EDIT: when downloading the hotfix KB886903, you will get the KB886904, i have fixed the url. sorry for the convience... :(

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