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Does a volume version of XP Home exist?


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Purpose of a Volume License is for Companies to by XP in bulk and then not have to call Microsoft for EVERY copy installed. Why would a company want home? Professional alone sounds better to them even if they don't know the features.

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XP Home comes either in a Retail package or in 3-packs in an OEM package.

I'm holding the Microsoft 2004 Product Guide that all OEM builders are given... there never has been a VLK for XP Home. That does not mean that some folks might try to market or sell a Home VLK but if they do it is not legit...

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Accually, there is a PID value for a Volume Windows XP Home Edition (and no, it's not by just changing the last three digits to 270... the enitre PID number is different and it's not the Professional Volume) but apparently Microsoft has not issued keys for it (regular Volume keys don't work) so there is no way to install it. Some schools and non-profit organizations would want it because it's cheaper than Professional, don't know why Microsoft isn't selling the Volume Home Editions...

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