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Compressing Drivers dll to dl_ How?


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I need some hello.. how can I compress a load of dll and sys and so on..

I what to pack my drivers???

going to have drivers in the $OEM$/$1/drivers/

my unstanding is windows system can read compressed files.. if they named .dl_

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there's a tool on your xp install called makecab.exe you can use that if you want to create cabs in that fashion

just go to a command line and try makecab and you'll see it


I know how to do that but this they any way to do like 300 files.?? I what to compress drivers..

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SET SOURCE= <write the name of the source folder here>
SET TARGET= <write the name of the target folder here>
IF EXIST %SOURCE%\*.* FOR /F %%J IN ('DIR /A-D /OGN /B %SOURCE%\*.*') DO MAKECAB /D CompressionMemory=21 /D CompressionType=LZX /L %TARGET% %SOURCE%\%%J

Take care that all files *.* in the source folder (including the .inf and .cat files) are compressed to target folder.

To use the content of target folder for unattended install, .inf and .cat files MUST be uncompressed.

use expand to uncompress a file

EXPAND Source Destination

and delete compressed version driver.in_ and driver.ca_

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