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  1. PROB | ATI DVD-Decoder

    if you want to edit an msi you can use this handy little tool here well worth a look i reckon WhtKnight http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;EN-US;255905
  2. Compressing Drivers dll to dl_ How?

    there's a tool on your xp install called makecab.exe you can use that if you want to create cabs in that fashion just go to a command line and try makecab and you'll see it WhtKnight
  3. Newbie Questions Here!

    I think my greatest question would be... is there a single page that defines the details around the folder structure arrangement eg the 001 etc layout and the way to modify the txtsetup.sif doc so as to be able to add drivers by hand ? no insult to GM but one of my drivers seems to be conflicting when i use xpcreate so i wouldn't mind knowing the details behind the process so i can see if i can get around the issue personally Oh and one more i'm trying to slipstream the new radeon drivers into the install and i was reading about using an iss file from the installshield setup (which i can see) but with the new set each item in the pack eg multimedia drivers, vid drivers and control panel each have one so would i need to extract out the install and include a path for each of the three iss's in the winnt.sif or would a single iss do for all three ? i'm sure i've got more but these are the big ones on my mind atm thanks guys, i appreciate the chance to ask WhtKnight
  4. Little help with some drivers ?

    Heh after reading yet more i see that this is quite a common issue and that no one has sorted it out 100% so basically i'll just try and sneak back into anonymity WhtKnight