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looking 4 pskill.exe file anyone can upload it?

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Please, Adiel, nobody is here to hold your hand. A simple Google for "PSKILL.EXE" (link below) links to the authors page as the first hit for this program. I find it very, very hard to believe that you searched for this before asking. If you did search, then I would highly recommend you find a tutorial on How To Search The Internet. There is an Aesop's Fable about the boy who cried "Wolf". Your numerous posts remind me of that.


Lastly, though I suspect you are not a fan of reading, I would like to suggest you read the following before posting again.


Following the guidelines in that article will certainly help you in learning about Windows and Unattended Installations, as well as greatly improve your chances of having qualified members read, and possibly answer, your questions.

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The GreenMachine is soo right! When I was looking for pskill 2 days ago, I looked on google and found it in minutes! Now the only thing not working is pskill itself, telling me that there is no process named msnmsgr.exe while ctrl-alt-insert (in vmware) shows there is a process with that exact name....

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silently? what do u mean?

so u dont get the cmd window popup? i use xplode during my unattended cd install, it has a hide='true' option which doesnt display popup windows.. which is good :D if thats what u want... try that too?

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is there a way to silently run pskill?  tried /s and didn't work and looked at the progs /? nothing there.....

I just call it using "start" (no /w) - then it spawns a new process window, runs to completion and closes it so you don't get the output in the main window.


start pskill.exe killmenow.exe

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