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ATI 9600SE 128mb 8X agp for Doom3?


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Will ATI 9600SE 128 mb 8x AGP cut it for Doom3?

Asus P4v8X8

I have a Pentium 4 2.4AMhz 1 Meg Cache

512 MEG DDR400

80 Gig Seagate ATA

80 Gig Seagate ATA


but i am planning to buy this week

P4C800 E- Deluxe

Pentium4 3.0MHZ 1 Meg Cache

1 Gig Gail DDR400

160 SATA Seagate

160 SATA Seagate

128MEG Nvidia 6600

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Your previous config (the 1st one) will be pretty good for Doom3 - a review here says:

.........we were playing DOOM 3 on a 1.5GHz Pentium 4 box with a GeForce 4 MX440 video card and having a surprisingly good gaming experience

But the second config you mention will run it well, without having to forgo any of the eye-candy Doom3 provides.

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i've got a 9600 pro. i play d3 at 1024x768 in high specs with all FX on and without antialiasing (d3 don't need the last and it takes a lot of video resources). it's totally playable without jumps between frames, running doom3 demo 21 fps.

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But definitely, moving to a higher configuration will help.

Gamers suggest having atleast 30 fps at the resolution you want to play. But 60 fps is the ideal - because, one moment there could be nothing on the screen but trees shaking in the breeze or the sea calmly lapping the shores - the next moment you get to fight a wicked lot of monsters and baddies of all shapes and sizes, which is when your frame rate takes a beating. At that time, if you were having at a frame-rate of 55 fps, you'd go down to a playable 25-30 fps, otherwise if you began out itself at a low fps, your eyes start seeing slow-ups (the eyes need atleast 24 fps to see a moving picture).

So you see, while running it on recommended specs (or thereabouts) might just play the game, you aren't taking full advantage of it. For good running of a game, you should ideally have 2x the minimum requirements (which leads to insane calculations with the newer class of games).

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I'm running doom 3 semi decently on:

AMD AthlonXP 2400+ (1.9 Ghz)

1 gig of DDR

2 x 40 gig hard drives

Geforce 4 MX440 :P

so yea.. should run good on your's also may wanna up your memory too 1 gig. its amazing how much memory helps computers :D

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