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Office 2003 All in 1 integrated with SP1 ?


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I found a way to get the CD to 471 Meg.  The price of admission is a program called Virtual CD.  After slipstreaming the service pack into the original CD's and using the AIO tool, my CD was 906 Meg with original files at 1.69 Gig.  I used Virtual CD with level 4 compression (level 1 compression yeilds about 530 Meg) and burned a Smart Virtual CD.  The Smart Virtual CD contains a packet driver that allows it to be used on any computer without need of the full program.

For the purchase price of Virtual CD, along with Microsoft's cdimage.exe program, it seems like you could gain some incredible compression results.  Keep in mind that cdimage inventories the files on a cd and cross-links identical files so that they are written only once.  Although that is not truly compression, it does work quite well for any CD that has the same file on it multiple times.

I'd recommend using Virtual CD's level 1 compression since it provides the best performance for compression ratio.

As a sidenote I've also managed to use Virtual CD to integrate Windows 2000 AND Office 2003 AIO into one handy bootable CD. :D:blushing::thumbup

What a program!

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