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Win XP SP2 will limit your maximum connections


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...just wanted to point something out....Thanks for your time and please try to spread the word.

This is what (& how) many, many people have needed to hear, even if we didn't know we needed to.

A great addition to a great conversation, thaNX :)

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Ahwell, I'll just accept that it does something to my connection with Azureus...

I may try and find out more later but it seems to fixed by setting it to unlimited. Setting it to 50 gave me another 5kbps overall but opening it up to unlimited and, on average, my download speeds are about 20kbps faster. Doesn't seem to affect many other programs though.

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great post dirtyepic yeah I think this is something good not bad, maybe the p2p apps need to change the way they work. I would hope so otherwise we could people not upgrading to sp2 simply because their p2p will slow down.

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dirtyepic: I think they're all getting their p*****s in a knot because they don't like having what they can do with their computer dictated to them by Microsoft (which is fair enough).

Anyway, your thread is quite true and valid.

I personally would have preferred MS to have set it to something a little more reasonable, such as 50 (*cough* the hack *cough*), but meh.

Anyway, I won't be applying the patch, because I don't really care about it that much.

I just get the hex-edited version for...well...getting it :):rolleyes::D

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Hmmm... My System Event Log is corrupt... Help?  When I'm in Shareaza, all I see is eDonkey "Connecting..." and "Handshaking...", but no "Connected." and I did replace the file...

Did you by chance open port 6346 in your firewalls? (In your router as well if your running one, pointed directly to Shareaza.) If not you may not be able to get the full effect. Also, if your running a router, make sure that your your pointing to your IP addy that your router reports you're connected to not your LAN IP. (IE., not {note: first IP is random, not sure if it goes anywhere and not going to check, was just used as an example.}) Unless your on dialup :realmad: or directly connected to your modem (not smart if your on dsl or cable, imo, even if you only have one computer, it should be behind a hardware firewall, (in comparison to how cheap they are, (about <$100 U.S.,) to the security they provide,)) then you need to change the IP addys, these IP addys should show up in both the incoming and outgoing in your connection section, instead of "Automatic".

Also, Shareaza works just fine with ZA, I use it myself, and all you have to do is the same thing you did for the router, open ZA and find the Shareaza program and look for the expert mode tab, then put in the port 6346 in there as well, to direct that port directly to the program. Then in the firewall section, on the first tab, open it up and put the port 6346 in the "Internet" section for both TCP and UDP then it will work just fine. You can put it in both "Internet" and "Trusted" but I don't recommend that, that gives people too much access to your computer, just as long as you have it in the "Internet" section it will allow for incoming on that port, though if you have it for the Shareaza program, you shouldn't need it there as well, only if your having problems connecting still.

As far as (name of "Eeyore" program here) program goes, if you haven't also opened those ports in your firewall as well as your router, then your going to have the problems you mentioned. Though I never have used that program, there should be a way in it for you to point to only one port, that port should be set to 6346 for file sharing on the network, (both incoming and outgoing should be set the same).

*EDIT* I should mention that I turn off the Windows firewall, since I have ZA installed and they have problems working together. But IF by chance you use it, you should also allow for port 6346 to point to the Shareaza program in it as well.


Now for a few questions, the file pack by Zaheer, which has the uxtheme, connection unlimiter as well as WFP unlimiter in it, does it also include the registry files that are needed for these to work? If not which registry lines need to "fixed" is there a file here somewhere that contains all the info in it as well? [info=registry hacks, .inf hacks, etc that is necessary for these files to work.]

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Sweet, it looks like it patched it, now I have to try it out. Thanks for the link.

After looking at this page, Here.

It seems this is only patching the connections to 50 total (up from the new limit of 10), but still not unlimited, like SP1 or before.  :(

You can manualy change the connection limit :thumbup value

Intelligent TCPIP.SYS patcher / EventID 4226 patch Version 2.0c

© 2004 LvlLord

http://www.lvllord.de use parameter /? for more options


Usage: EvID4226Patch20 [/L=limit] ([/W=windir] || [/F=file])

/L = Set a limit (valid values from 10-16777214)

/W = Set the windows directory if detection fails.

(cannot be used in combination with /F-command)

/F = Set the file to be patched. Does not touch any other file.

(cannot be used in combination with /W-command)

Press any key to exit ... :w00t:

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