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Is there any way to Anonymous Surfing the web for free :) . I tryed Google but all i get geting was shareware i couldn't find any freeware. :rolleyes: If you guys know any way to do this any help would be thankful for.

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Another thing that is supposed to help is using a proxy. Basically your browser points to a server and the server handles the requests. Web sites see the IP of the proxy.

An application I've heard that is good is Ghost Surf Pro, not free though. :)

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There are free anonymous services on the web, most of them are restricted in use.

But some of them offer more.

Try http://www.urlencoded.com/

or find them all on:


You should be aware that if you want to be complete anonymous (if possible)

you either have to pay and find a trusted company, or learn about the subject and make yourself an IT-specialist.

But if you want to use anonymous surfing for privacy reasons the free services are ok. (don`t forget to disable cookies and active X)


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