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  1. Hi everybody, Someone who owns an EPSON family scanner will be interested by this post So, if you own an epson perfection "something" add the following line in the section [Models] of the file "epsnscan.inf" : [Models] ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; USB Models ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; %PER1240.DeviceDesc% = EPSON_USB.PER1240,USB\VID_04B8&PID_010B Look at the section [strings] to find out which one describes the best your scanner. For instance "PER1240.DeviceDesc" variable describes a Perfection 1240U device. The scanner "signature" of your device can be found with the "devcon find *" command. Now you don't need an extra epson driver. The scanner will automatically be recognized during the installation. @+ Jj
  2. Hi, try privoxy it is opensource as well @+ Jj
  3. Jjazz


    Hi GreenMachine, Europa baut sich sehr schnell auf und bittet sehr klasse Opportunitäte für lambda-Verbraucher ! Es wäre schade, diese nicht auszunutzen. Die Sprache ist kein Problem in der Welt der EDV. More seriously, cdrtools projet was initiated by Joerg Schilling. That will explain the german web links. For the code, you help me a lot, don't you ? I don't know if it is the right moment to tell you that, i have integrated a lite "patch" in your first version of xcreate batch language utility. It is not really different from the one i have posted last time but nearest your logical coding. It works rather well with my old Liteon cdrw. The only problem i encountered with cdrecord was, it does not recognize the "burnfree" feature of my cd writer. But that doesn't bother me more than that, because the cdrws are always well burned and cdrecord has most of the time made his job well. Set your mind at rest, it's only for my personal usage. So if you would like, let me know if i can post it on the forum or send it to you by email. That would help you to spend less time testing the cdrecord parameters like i did. Each release has there own options that Unix 'ls' command will ever have. lol @+ Jj
  4. Jjazz


    @GreenMachine Hello, can i make u a suggestion ? Could you use 'cdrtool' rather than 'cdburn' ? It is opensource and has more options than cdburn. The unofficial version support DVD too ! Here is an example of a shell script i use to overburn my XCREATE cd. It works well. SET CDERASE=YES SET CDSPEED=MAX SET CDBURNER=3,0,0 SET CDLABEL=XPCREATE SET OVERBURN=YES SET RAW16=YES SET EJECT=YES SET VERBOSE=YES SET BLANK= IF "%CDERASE%"=="YES" SET BLANK=-blank=fast IF "%OVERBURN%"=="YES" ( SET OVERBURN=-overburn ) ELSE ( SET OVERBURN="" ) IF "%RAW16%"=="YES" ( SET RAW16=-raw16 ) ELSE ( SET RAW16="" ) IF "%EJECT%"=="YES" ( SET EJECT=-eject ) ELSE ( SET EJECT="" ) IF "%VERBOSE%"=="YES" ( SET VERBOSE=-v ) ELSE ( SET VERBOSE=-s ) IF "%CDSPEED%"=="MAX" ( SET CDSPEED= ) ELSE ( SET CDSPEED=-speed=%CDSPEED% ) CDRECORD.EXE -dev %CDBURNER% %BLANK% %OVERBURN% %EJECT% %RAW16% %CDSPEED% XPCREATE.ISO you can find the cdrtools kit on the web sites: http://www.geoshock.com/cdrtools/ http://www.sbox.tugraz.at/home/t/tplank/ for the binaries @+ Jj
  5. @Bâshrat the Sneaky that is what firefox returned me However with a copy/past we can download the file <HTML> <HEAD> </HEAD> <BODY> <script language="javascript"> self.location="http://users.pandora.be/bashratthesneaky/Unattended/BtS_DRVPCK_SND_260604.exe"; </script> </BODY> </HTML> @+ Jj
  6. @Hi2001 Could be but not, i'm only trying to build an easy maintainable cdrom. So i didn't want to optimize neither drivers nor packages. The cdrom should stay as generic as possible Imagine your sister crached her computer and she needs to write her resume because tomorrow she has an important appointment with her future boss. Bad luck you aren't at home and she does understand anything in computers. So an unattend preconfigured install with at least an editor would be necessary. I really would like to build such cd containing the most useful freeware applications released at the moment like OpenOffice, Gimp and others. But, i will certainly stay with my small 700Mo RW cdrom for a while . DVD are really too expensive for me . However, thx for your suggestion. @+ Jj
  7. @Bâshrat the Sneaky Right, i'll do that next time. I made only a little and fast test @my2001 it is so huge because i need drivers for printers, video, tv, scanner, etc. But you are right, i could say i need a DVD+R9 to perform a full install next time @+ Jj
  8. @Bâshrat the Sneaky Sorry, the special options s=[off | on | [e] [{N}f] [{N}b | {N}k | {N}m | {N}g) didnt work. So i don't know the default compression method @+ Jj
  9. Hi, I have squeezed my hudge drivers directory to get more place for the application software on an unattend cdrom. Create with the 7-Zip file archiver a self extractable file (i use the compressed windows version, 7zC.sfx ) # 7z a -sfx7zC.sfx FullOfDrivers.exe Drivers\* -r a = add -sfx = sfx format -r = recursive Modifie your winnt.sif file and add in the [GuiUnattended] section: DetachedProgram="%systemdrive%\FullOfDrivers.exe" Arguments="-y -w%systemdrive%\temp -o%systemdrive%" -y = y for all -w = temp dir (mine was previously existing in $OEM$\D\Temp, i don't know if it is required or not) -o = where to You will have a nice tiny windows during the extraction. And don't forget to have your OemPnPDRIVERSPath well configured. Paths should look like the extracted directories. I have won at least 30Mo of new free space. @+ Jj
  10. Hi all, i have changed the user rights in order to get the last Punkbuster (http://www.punkbuster.com) for the network game "Enemy Territory" working correctly under a none privileded user and to avoid to get the boring message during a party: Kicked via Punkbuster... Inadequate O/S Privileges. For that reason i create a new user group with the following rights activated: * Debug Programs * Load and unload device drivers * Manage auditing and security log * Modify Firmware environment values * Profile Single Process I would like to export the above settings and execute them in an unattend windows installation script. Please, could someone help me ? Thx Jj
  11. Thx everybody for your help I will try them all @+ Jj
  12. Hem, i was too lazy to double backslash Please, double the backslash otherwise RunOnceEx will not work properly !!! "1"="||c:\Apps\Tools\SafeXP\SafeXP.exe c:\Apps\Tools\SafeXP\SafeXP.dat" should be "1"="||c:\\Apps\\Tools\\SafeXP\\SafeXP.exe c:\\Apps\\Tools\\SafeXP\\SafeXP.dat" You can find SafeXP here: http://theorica.click-now.net/safexp.htm @+ Jj
  13. Hi, you can use Xsafe rather than regedit. Run Xsafe, save your settings. Copy SafeXP.dat on your unattend cd. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\021] "1"="||c:\Apps\Tools\SafeXP\SafeXP.exe c:\Apps\Tools\SafeXP\SafeXP.dat" @="SafeXP" @+ Jj
  14. Hem, in my previous post in this topic i forgot to change %systemdrive% by its drive letter @+ Jj
  15. @ZoSTeR great, i'll try to use it in order to choose which software i need to install. Thx Jj
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