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The best/easy silent installer program?


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This forum requements

WinInstall LE 2003 (Freeware) Use the 'Discover' Wizard.

InstallRite (Freeware)

AutoIT (Freeware)

Symantec AI Snapshot (Included in Symantec Ghost Corporate)

What do you use??

I want to use this program because I can't find silent install switch for all programs.

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In fact, nothing is better than live installation with the original installer of your app.

So, you'd better think of using a script such as VBS, JS, or AutoIt or any other alternative. This is the best solution because you won't worry about components, registry changes or any other stuff.

Therefore, I suggest scripts to be the first thought.

In case your installer can't be managed by a script, then repackaging is the second thought.

The easiest is InstallRite. When you achieve some progress in snapshots, then I recommend WinINSTALL LE. This is my favorite. :)

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I personally like AutoInstall A.K.A. AI Snapshot. Its a small app that does big things. I think I've gotten use to it. I'm more advanced than I used to be and usually use regsnap to find registry entries and look for what files that particular setup makes and then compile an inno setup from it. But AutoInstall still comes in handy which I recently used on Wavelab and it turned out perfect.

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