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Winamp 5.03a - in two minutes


So far, this is the only way I can share my MSI for Winamp. If you are interested in getting Winamp this way, then make your own CAB file as mentioned below. Next, you download my MSI and use both MSI+CAB to install Winamp silently.

All features of Winamp are available on the command line as well as in attended mode. Registration is also available on command line.

1- Creating the CAB

1- Download Winamp 5.03a from here, if you haven't already done so.

2- Install Winamp with all of its features and sub-features,i.e., in "Full" mode.

Go to C:\Program Files\Winamp\ and open the file "winamp.m3u" in notepad, then delete its contents except the first line "#EXTM3U". Save changes and close "winamp.m3u".

3- Copy the whole folder of installed Winamp into drive C, so it looks this way: C:\Winamp.

4- At the bottom of this post, download the file prepare.rar (93 KB), then extract it into drive C, too. You should have these files extracted:

1- C:\precab.cmd ----> run this file first

2- C:\ren.cmd ----> run this file second

3- C:\cab.cmd ----> run this file third

4- C:\winamp.ddf ----> this file is needed by cab.cmd

5- C:\MSI2.cab ----> keep this file as we'll need it later

After you finish running the first three cmd files, a folder named "disk1" (C:\disk1) is created.

Open "disk1" folder, take out "Winamp1.cab", and store it wherever you want.

Please be informed that each cmd file ends with PAUSE and EXIT commands. So, you need to "press any key to continue..." before running the next cmd file.

Now that you have had Winamp1.cab, continue reading the next post for how to get Winamp.msi, too.


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2- Getting the MSI

At the bottom of this post, download MSI1.cab (125 KB) and put it in one place with MSI2.cab you've downloaded from above.

Right-click MSI1.cab and "Extract Here" with WinRAR. You should have Winamp.rar file.

Right-click Winamp.rar and "Extract Here" with WinRAR. You should have Winamp.msi extracted into the same directory. Store Winamp.msi along with Winamp1.cab from above as they're both needed for installing Winamp5.03a.

Delete all objects you've used, other than Winamp1.cab and Winamp.msi, as they are no longer needed.

>> Command line switches

I built command line switches on the assumption that most users need the most features. So, we use fewer switches if we want to exclude fewer features.

To exclude a feature or a sub-feature, type ?=0 or ??=0 according to its assigned symbol (switch).

Example 1: (exclude Video File Support feature and its sub-features)

start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\Winamp.msi V=0 /qn

Example 2: (exclude Nullsoft Video sub-feature only)

start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\Winamp.msi VN=0 /qn

Example 3: (exclude Winamp Agent + Modern Skin Support + Video File Support)

start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\Winamp.msi G=0 M=0 V=0 /qn

Example 4: (exclude nothing)

start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\Winamp.msi /qn

To register for the Pro version, add K and N switches to your command line:


>> Assigned Symbols

Audio File Support A

- Windows Media Audio (WMA) AA



- OGG Vorbis Playback AG

- AAC encoding AC

- MP3 encoding A3

- MP4 support A4

- CD playback and extraction AP

- CDDB for recognizing CDs AB

- Sonic Ripping/Burning support AS


Extra Audio Output/Effect Support E

- Signal Processor Studio ES

- Support for writing WAV files EW

- DirectSound output support ED

Modern Skin Support M

User Interface Extensions U

- Golbal Hotkeys UK

- Jump to file UJ

Video File Support V

- Nullsoft Video (NSV) VN


Visualization Z

- Advanced Visualization Studio ZA

- MilkDrop ZM

- Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen ZT

Winamp Agent G

Winamp Library L

Hoping my share is of any help, please feel free to comment or report what you want.


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ahha competition :)

although it looks nice I can't help it but say how is this done in 2 min? even reading and understanding is kind of hard and u have plenty of files to deal with

why not go with my + alanoll's msi? u just need to put the switches?

I mean I know i'm critisizing u a lot but I just don't get why u'd want to move away from just 1 file to several files??

I do appriciate the time & effort...

u probably knew that I was going to do this right :rolleyes:

sorry I couldn't help it

Edited by XtremeMaC
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I have tried to make my Winamp 5.03 Pro silent install with your recommandations, but using my own Winamp503pro.exe file.

And it seems that the 7 files nammed "metXXXX.vmd" are always differents for each installation.

(i notice that cause i have installed Winamp many times to avoid this error, no success).

for example, this time mine are nammed :










can you help me please ?

i just want to install my Winamp 5.03 Pro without the Agent & the AVI support, but i don't know how to make it work.

Perhaps i could modify your Winamp.msi in order to find & rename the 7 *.vmd but i don't know how.

thx in advance.

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those vmd files get created different everytime u install winamp as u said

the records of those files are in the library file which I cannot recall now.

in my + alanoll's msi those files are set to be the same for each computer and the other files are changed accordingly

so look at the *ml* file (I don't remember now)

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@r0sWell the solution to the problem of met files it's simple but i think mazin didn't take note of it.

first edit your winamp.ddf file with notepad and search for met****.vmd files, then look for your C:\winamp1 directory, there will be another 7 met****.vmd, so ren the files in the winamp.ddf list to look the same as yours. and that's all you only have to change 28 digits in your file :)

@mazin please incluse this in some of your 2 posts. your installation it's not as complicated as useful if you think the switches u can choose in the install process and u don't need pskill or other extra tools. and the problem with the cab files and etc it's because of the space that let u use in the post.

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Thank you all for your feedback.

The problem of VMDs is fixed. Please, download the two files again (prepare.rar+MSI1.cab).

Thanks again for your support.

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Both "gen_ml.ini" and the 7 VMDs are not needed to be in the package. Winamp creates them on the first use. So, I deleted all references of them.

And, as SiMoNsAyS said, I didn't take note of them, really.

Sorry for this mess. Your feedback is always welcome.

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i'm sure it works now, but in my install i cannot find the "winamp.pic" file !

what is this file ?

when i install my 'normal' version of Winamp 503, this file isn't installed.

i don't find it.

can u help me please ?

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thank you very much for your method, it's now OK for me :rolleyes:

no error. fast install. perfect :)

u should ask to publish this method on the 'MSFN unattended guide' on the Winamp section :D

now i will try to auto-set a personal skin on the installation.

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Thank you r0sWell for your effort. I wish I had noticed those problems before uploading the files.

Still, I need your feedback about Winamp itself. I want to be sure it works well on your machine as it does on mine.

Thank you.

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