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Skype for Windows - Business version Unattended Installer Maker / Addon Maker

Edit: 2007-08-16 - Replaced attachments with new versions

Edit: 2007-08-24 - Added version 2 script

Version 1.0 - Initial release 2007-06-17

Version 1.1 - 2007-08-15 Change StartMenu folder from "Skype" to "Internet", change advertised shortcuts to common shortcuts, misc script improvements

Version 2.0 - 2007-08-24 Added MsgBoxes to ask user which modifications to implement

This script creates a silent installer for "Skype for Business" msi

Asks user (Yes/No) to perform the following:

- disable starting Skype after installation

- disable starting Skype on System Startup

- change name of StartMenu folder

- install Program Files into a new sub-folder

- change advertised shortcuts to common shortcuts

- remove Internet Explorer and Firefox plugins

- create a svcpack Addon for use with RVM_Integrator

If you keep the plugins, my config.txt file will not install them in silent mode because I use:

RunProgram="RunHiddenConsole.exe /w msiexec /i setup.msi FEATURE_IEPLUGIN=0 FEATURE_FFPLUGIN=0 /qb!"


Ensure you have installed:

- AutoIt v3

- Orca (from Shark's File Repository)

- Universal Extractor v1.5 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=62418

Copy these two files to your system path i.e. C:\WINDOWS

- 7za.exe http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

- upx.exe http://upx.sourceforge.net/

Put the following files into a working directory of your choice:

- 7zS.sfx modified per http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=67

- RunHiddenConsole.exe http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST...=70&t=49184

- config.txt

- MakeSilentSkype2.0.au3

- SkypeSetup.msi

The attached SupportFiles.7z contains my 7zS.sfx, config.txt, RunHiddenConsole.exe, cabarc.exe




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Ad-Aware 2007 Free + AutoIt

Homepage: www.lavasoft.com


1.0 (Number of downloads: )

- Start Script


- script deletes old installations

- simple config all settings are in config.ini no need to edit script anymore

- installs Ad-Aware 2007 Free

- use download latest.exe to get the lastest updates

- installs UPDATES

- deleting shortcuts

How to use:

- check config.ini and set what u want with "Y" OR "N"

- use download latest.exe to get latest updates


install.exe - install or reinstall,update, delete shortcuts

Can use standalone:

download latest.exe - downloads latest updates and puts it in UPDATE folder (core.zip)

unzip_copy.exe - it unzip the core.zip and extract it in to Lavasoft all users folder

Script will work for newer versions if the installer dont change.

If any problems contact me via PM (dont send emails).


source: ad_aware__msfn__.zip

and for all other users that dont use Autoit heres is my version edit config.ini for your needs


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COWON Media Center - jetAudio Plus VX

1. Unpack the original installer with Universal Extractor (use isxunpack extraction method).

2. Copy all files extracted in the previous step into a folder called Setup.

3. Edit the AutoIt script file with your desired settings, compile it and put the compiled file in a folder at the

same level with the folder Setup (created in the step #2) and run the silent installation from the compiled

AutoIt file.


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Yahoo! Messenger

Instructions about how to obtain the offline installer (it's easier and recommended to download the installer

from softpedia.com because after a new version is released will take a few days untill the installer will be

available using the method below):

1.Download the online installer from http://messenger.yahoo.com/

2.Run the online installer and then when will start to download, go to %Temp%

(usually C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Local Settings\Temp) and in a folder from there you will find the installer.

3.Wait untill the installation window said "Installing Yahoo Messenger" and copy from that folder from %Temp% the installer

in other place (when installation is done, the installer from %Temp% will be deleted).


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