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jdeboeck reducing or XPCREATE which first?


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I tested running nlite before and after XPCREATE, both ended up the same, missing KB828741, KB835732 & Update Rollup 1 KB826939.

Forget it.

As GreenMachine keeps saying, always use a clean source for XPCREATE.

I haven't said thanks yet, but thanks GM, XPCREATE is phantasmagorical!

The only bugs I've seen have been XPCREATED by me:)

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I suggest reduce then xpcreate.  that way hotfixes dont get accidentally removed...

The big question is... Why does windows update think the hotfixes are needed but MBSA does not?

maybe it's just me, but no one bothers to search. I've posted before why a few will show up after reducing source. They rely on components. I've also posted in the nLite thread why WU thinks they aren't there, while MBSA thinks they are.

I suggest, XPCREATE then REDUCE. That way you have an updated source, and then it's removed. If the component is removed by REDUCE, then it won't get updated. But if removed first, XPCREATE doesn't know that, so it adds the files back, and then they are registered during setup and errors can arise depending on what it is.

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I don't know if anyone has ever looked, but my I386\SVCPACK directory gets pretty heavy. I do also add files from the hotfixes that may be unbeknownst to the various sliming procedures. If anyone is interested, they are listed at the end of the TXTSETUP.SIF file.

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