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Looking for Aero Glass replacements? Check Here

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Since 2020, the primary developer of Aero Glass has been offline, and not seen on the internet. Nobody knows what happened, but I wish him well, wherever he is now.

Aero Glass, of course, still works on older Windows versions prior to 2004. You can find downloads on mirror sites as the original download link is gone.

What are the replacements to Aero Glass?

DWMBlurGlass - An Open Source utility that adds support for the Acrylic effect to the Windows 10 and Windows 11 title bar, and Explorer UI. Would be considered the community replacement of Aero Glass, supports custom Aero textures and custom blur amounts. Lightweight, customized with a configuration file.

MicaForEveryone - An Open Source utility that does the same as DWMBlurGlass, but with more customization options and configuration. Runs as a tray application, and is only compatible with Windows 11. Allows you to use any type of Windows 11 built-in blur, such as Mica, Acrylic, and Opaque. It supports blurring any Win32 application background, and supports whitelisting and blacklisting applications that may not play nicely.

Some applications have built in support for acrylic title bars, even on Windows 10. The new Windows Terminal supports Acrylic title bars as a setting built in, and an acrylic background to the terminal. I just felt like making a post like this to organize the replacements, and keep them all in one place. I will update this document with more if I find any.

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