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[RegEx] Find and Insert text.

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What has RegEx to do with this?

You are looking for a very definite text, you can use gsar for this:


or FART:


Otherwise you might want to try using SED (much more powerful but not as easy to use), a windows port  is here:


A number of other tools/utilities do exist, but - generally speaking - they won't manage gracefully the CR+LF (the one after the [SourceNames.x86]).



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Posted (edited)

I have to use the "JREPL.bat" tool. All other tools have problems with different text encodings.

This works:

JREPL.BAT "[SourceNames.x86]" "[SourceNames.x86]\r\nNew-Line" /XSEQ /L /f "File.txt" /o -

But i try to do something like this:

JREPL.BAT "(RegEx)[SourceNames.x86]\r\n(RegEx)" "Test-Line" /XSEQ /L /f "File.txt" /o -
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I do not understand your question, then, maybe it is a moving one.

You seemingly asked a question about a problem that you already solved, both the question and the solution you found do not need the use of RegEx expression.

Unfortunately I cannot follow you on the "I have to use" and "All other tools".

If you have to use JREPL.BAT, it has a dedicated thread on another forum, ask your questions here:


it is much more likely to find there people familiar with that tool.

RegEx is already - by itself - complex enough, the ways each and every tool implements it may (or may not) be non-standard.

TIme for a distraction:



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25 minutes ago, Outbreaker said:

I now found the RegEx solution for it.

Though it doesn't seem at all like there is a RegEx expression anywhere in that.

Anyway, the only important thing :yes: is that you are happy with your solution.


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