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BSOD X7B when booting from external hdd

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So, i removed my hdd from my laptop and installed an ssd and install windows, afterwards when i try to boot from it i get 0x7b bsod, apparently i need a hdd driver for it so please give it or provide me some tips if possible.


HDD Specs

Toshiba MQ04ABF100


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You don't need a hdd (or ssd) driver (they do not exist, all hdd and ssd's are in themselves "standard") you need a driver for your specific motherboard chips (usually the missing piece that causes the 0x0000007b bsod are the drivers for the PCI SATA bridge and/or the IDE/SATA/AHCI controller).

Post the exact specifications of your laptop/motherboard, so (if a suitable driver for Vista exists) members may be able to point you to one.

You can try (if your BIOS has this option) to install in IDE compatibility mode, though in this mode you will probably loose much of the increase in speed the ssd may offer.

If a suitable manufacturer driver cannot be found, you may check/try the UNIATA driver:



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