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Change administrator name

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Is it possible that I change the "administrator" name/account (who has automatically created in a unattend file) renamed in "admin"?

I must change this after every unattended installation (for exclusive applications) but I would like that automatically if it is possible.

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Rename administrator account

Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options


Determines whether a different account name will be associated with the security identifier (SID) for the account "Administrator." By associating the Administrator SID with another account, you will no longer have an account named "Adminstrator," which is often a point of attack by hackers.

Microsoft Group Policy Reference

Hope that helps


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Use something like this for general good practices. Get netuser.exe and renuser.exe, drop the file(s) into the system32 folder however you like (I use $OEM$\$$\System32 during setup) and run a batch file like this from RunOnce:

@echo offecho Renaming/Creating Accountsnet user guest {s2J234OPH}renuser guest notguestnet localgroup guests notguest /deleterenuser Administrator adminnet user /add Administrator /active:no /passwordchg:no /passwordreq:yesnetuser Administrator /pwnexp:ynet user Administrator {s2J234OPH}net localgroup users Administrator /delete

This way it will do this after setup, but before the first user logs in. It will rename the guest account and remove it from the guests group (If you install the .Net framework later it will put it back there FYI). It will also rename the administrators account to soemthing else and create a dummy Administrators account while removing the dummy account from the users group.

For what you wanted to do you could use the following from RunOnce (assuming you drop renuser.exe into the system32 folder during install):

@echo offecho Renaming Administrator Accountrenuser Administrator admin


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netuser Administrator /pwnexp:y


I've been looking for something to do this for a while, with no luck. I can't get this to work either: this switch generates the "help" screen (where it is not listed), and does not check that box. Anyone have it working?

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Strange and unusual...it works in Windows 2000 (which I have at work) but not in XP (which I have at home). Hmmm... It would seem Google is my friend tonight :) Try the one Here. This one works for me on Windows XP. You would think Microsoft would give you a way to do this through the command line...sigh

edit...maybe I linked to the wrong netuser.exe before? I could've sworn thats where I downloaded it from last week. Too many **** files named netuser.exe.

edit 2...It was the wrong link. They have 2 files called netuser.exe on their site. Original post now fixed.


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Woot! This will help with me heaps. I hate having to rename the admin and guest accounts every time I install (kinda defeats my unattended idea).

Again, thanks.

Edit: One question, can you rename the administrator and guest accounts at the T-12 minute mark via RunOnceEx or MUST this be done from RunOnce just before user login?

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Well, I tried it and it worked.

One thing though, the new administrator account won't show up on the logon screen (just like if you happen to add another account). To rectify this, you must import the registry tweak to show the administrator account on the logon screen with cmdlines.txt.

The guest account was renamed, the guests group was removed and the administrator account was renamed. Worked fine without a hitch. Thanks again for this find.

Edit: For reference, here is the UserSetup.cmd file I used (this file can be added to the cmdlines.txt file):

@echo off
%systemdrive%\MSA\Utilities\renuser.exe guest disablednet localgroup guests disabled /delete
set /P newadmin="Enter a new administrator name: "%systemdrive%\MSA\Utilities\renuser.exe administrator %newadmin%
reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList" /v %newadmin% /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 /f

Change the paths to renuser.exe ofcourse.

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Edit2: Here's one for ya, if you add that registry tweak from cmdlines.txt, the username won't show up on the Welcome Screen until you reboot, twice! That's what I've had to do on my 4 test using VMWare. Can anyone shed some light on that problem?

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whoops another problem.


Could you tell me how I can delete the relation "user"

I have create a account with the name "general"

Windows XP created automatic a relation with "Users"

But I would delete this relation and will create a relation with "Administrors"

How can I do that?

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Do you mean that the account you create is added to the "Users" group?

Try this script:

Dim UM:Set UM = CreateObject("UserManager.Server")
'Add Guest user account to a 'Users' local groupUM.Users("Guest").AddToLocalGroup "Users"
'Remove account from the groupUM.Users("Guest").RemoveFromLocalGroup "Users"


If the group is a local group perform the following:

net localgroup <group name> <user> /delete

If the group is part of a domain user

C:\> net group <group name> <user> /delete /domain

Hope that helps...



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