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windows 10 on the i7-3770?


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I'm working on making my first ever actual desktop computer and decided I'm going to have 7-10 next to each other on the same computer plus linux and I was wondering if the i7-3770 would work with windows 10 I know it had stricter requirements for what can and can't run on it so my a question is will it be compatible with windows 10? if anyone could help figure this out it would be much appreciated-legacyfan

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  • legacyfan changed the title to windows 10 on the i7-3770?

An i7-3770? You should have absolutely no issues whatsoever. I'm running Windows 11 on an i7-2600 and it works fantastic, albeit with a workaround method so it would actually install. But performance-wise, no issues at all. Windows 11 out of the box is where you're going to be limited to late 7th gen Intel CPUs or higher without a workaround.


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