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Does Win-10 need to run a validation service (like win-7 does) ?


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I seem to recall that win-7 has some sort of validation that runs as a service, and if you disable it you will get a message on your desktop along the lines of "your copy of windows may not be genuine" or something like that.

Does Win-10 have the same thing?

Also, I'm very familliar with XP and how it's validation was tied to a bunch of different hardware fingerprints and you needed 5 or 6 "votes" for it to continue to think that it's a valid install otherwise it would need to re-validate itself.  There was even a program (xpinfo.exe) that would tell you which hardware elements were contributing (or not) to this vote scheme.

I'm not sure if Win-7 works the same way in this regard as XP does, and likewise no idea how win-10 operates in this regard.  If win-10 does the same thing as XP, is there software available that will show me the validation status based on hardware fingerprint?

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Pfff .. Win 7 is even worse , way-way worse in this regard. I remember I inserted a new

32GB SDHC card into my laptop and win 7 deactivated itself ! Happened several times.

I had to perform the activation again with the card inserted, yet it helped only for 

for about 1 year and went off again. There were similar reports here recently.

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The service is called Software Protection and it is present on Windows 10.

Windows 10 does not use the same vote system as XP. I do not think that the things that it reads to (I'm not even sure I am allowed to say what it does with this info) is available to the public. I have yet to run into a situation where activation is lost by changing anything in the system outside of the mainboard and that has been the case since Vista. Vista and newer you can change any hardware and it isn't going to enter notification because of it.

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