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Back-end of Windows Update v4


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I am creating this topic since many, including me, want Windows Update v4 working. It is the only version that remains to be revived, since WUv5 shares the backend of WUv6 and WUv3 uses static inventory. But WUv4 has a complex backend system like WUv5/WUv6 but these are based on ASP.NET (aspx), while WUv4 is based on ASP Classic (asp).


And why not upgrade to the WUv5 and WUv6 backend?

WUv 4 works with Windows 98/ME, while WUv 5 and WUv6 require at least Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3. Also, WUv4 is mostly expected by Windows 98 users.

The only solution but not for long

The predecessor of WSUS called SUS, it works but only from Windows 2000 onwards (but in this case SP2) and it only checks for updates until October 2005. And it is somewhat difficult to get it to check for updates.


Some problems to solve:

- Catalog didn't call getmanifest.asp

- Windows 9X didn't work with SUS backend

- Results.asp not found


This for the moment, with the passage of time there will be peculiarities in the different OS as in each version of IE. For example, updates only appear until such time, custom pages don't work, etc.

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Backend now works
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Problems solved

- Getmanifest.asp is working, but only on Windows 2000 and newer

- Windows Update now checks for updates

New problems 

 - results.asp hasn't been archived, the good page is no longer accessible


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