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?Acronis True Image Server v7.0


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I have working copy.I made it.

First create bootable floppies,not bootable cdrom(later).Download easyboot from www.ezbsystems.com

Easyboot making very large floppy images.Click tools menu create new image.Show first diskette change size what ever you want.I made 12960 kb. new size.Extract all files from rescue diskettes.Use winimage insert all files to new image.Its working fine for me.If you want to add Securezone files (foldername is "Recovery Manager" inside recovery cdrom) copy this folder to your bootable cdrom root.

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weihuisheng, You could try Ramdisknt


1 download cenatek Ramdisknt

2 Install Ramdisknt

3 Open Cenatek ramdisknt

4 In Disk Type, Select 1.44MB Floppy

5 Drive letter B or any drive that you are not using

6 click START button (minimize ramdisknt)

7 Start the acronis product

8 choose full version

9 Select the ramdisk drive (for example

10 Click next

11 When acronis wizzard indicates Proceed, maximize ramdisknt

13 click STOP Button

14 in Disk Type, select Hard Disk

15 click START button (minimize ramdisknt)

16 In acronis wizard select proceed buton

Thats all you have a IMA FILE that you can use with BCDW and Boot Scriptor or Easyboot.

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Sorry,scankurban,I can't uderstand what you said.I think you made a mistake maybe!

The easyboot ,in fact,is used to creat bootable cds,but has no such functions like creating any other images.

Could you tell me your way in details??

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