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  1. I am looking for the latest PDF version of the Unattended XP CD Guide. I checked in the archives but it has been removed. Can someone help me out
  2. What doesn't work in VMWare that works in VirtualPC ?
  3. Virtual PC is very very slow and sucks If you want to see a speed improvement then use VMWare's latest or just live with the slowness of Virtual PC !!
  4. Bootable CD Wizard does the best and there is detailed instructions on this site. Do a search for Acronis. The site is verrrry slow but worth the wait.
  5. When I add Ultimate Boot CD v2.21 to my multiboot BCDW CD everything is fine. But now I need to put it on a DVD and I get an error reading from CD/DVD prompt. Any Ideas how to fix this problem ?
  6. I have tested the ent edition and turned it into a full workstation with no problems at all. Works like a charm and it is very stable.
  7. This is my view on this issue Tampering with someones computer could be tragic !!!! Personally if someone tampered with my computer it would be tragic !!!!!! You could end up with your a** kicked and still have to listen to those aim sounds. Sounds like it is time to work out your differences or get another roommate.
  8. Partition Magic 7 pro should work, it was designed for servers.
  9. Listview headers and other components do not get theme look, just command button. Any way to make all the components work or maybe just a few more?
  10. [PseudoKiller] In your upper desktop theme, there is a program located in the upper left side that displays a clock, drives , memory etc where can I get this prog? I have been looking for an app like this.

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