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  1. OH, now I know why my Tuneup doesn't work properly
  2. The same problem and desire as iwod
  3. I want to remove the "Windows Update" , but what does the "extreme" means? unsafety? or imperfect?
  4. Thanks Maybe I should get to know by myself. Thanks for your help
  5. There must be some errors inmy winnt.sif. Now I'll try to do that again. You said they are still installed.Still the components are fully copied to the harddisk and available for other programs?? No shortcuts point to them.We still could access them by finding the executable files??
  6. What do you mean?? I use the administrator account.Do ou mean them are all visible to administrator?? Oh,I shouldn't remove xp's components by this way??
  7. Almost nothing,huh I think they are useless to me I want they are all uninstalled When I use nlite to remove them,there are some errors,so I try to uninstall them by this way.
  8. The [Components] section contains entries for installing the components of Microsoft® Windows® XP I customize them in the winnt.sif ,but it seems what I set isn't applied!!. Is this section not valid in winnt.sif?? Below is my codes: [Components] AccessOpt = Off AutoUpdate = Off BitsServerExtensionsManager = Off BitsServerExtensionsISAPI = Off Calc = Off Certsrv = Off Certsrv_client = Off Certsrv_server = Off Charmap = Off Chat = Off Clipbook = Off Deskpaper = Off Dialer = Off Fax = Off Fp_extensions = Off Fp_vdir_deploy = Off Freecell = Off Hearts = Off Hypertrm = Off IEAccess = Off Iis_common = Off Iis_ftp = Off Iis_inetmgr = Off Iis_nntp = Off Iis_smtp = Off Iis_webadmin = Off Iis_www = Off Iis_www_vdir_scripts = Off Indexsrv_system = Off Licenseserver = Off Media_clips = Off Media_utopia = Off Minesweeper = Off Mousepoint = Off Msmq_ADIntegrated = Off Msmq_Core = Off Msmq_HTTPSupport = Off Msmq_LocalStorage = Off Msmq_MQDSService = Off Msmq_RoutingSupport = Off Msmq_TriggersService = Off Msnexplr = Off Mswordpad = Off Netcis = Off Netoc = Off Objectpkg = Off OEAccess = Off Paint = Off Pinball = Off Pop3Admin = Off Pop3Service = Off Pop3Srv = Off Rec = Off Reminst = Off Rootautoupdate = Off Rstorage = Off Solitaire = Off Spider = Off Templates = Off TerminalServer = Off TSWebClient = Off Vol = Off WBEMSNMP = Off WMAccess = Off WMPOCM = Off Wms = Off Wms_admin_asp = Off Wms_admin_mmc = Off Wms_isapi = Off Wms_server = Off Zonegames = Off Is there any wrong??
  9. Sorry,I know just nothing about it. I am looking for a good software which could correct it automatically.
  10. I always use the PowerQuest PartitionMagic to modify my partition ,and my partition table gets some error,but always I still could get into the windows. Then some day I find a logical partition is lost! I recover my files by some software such as easyrecovery,finaldata and so on. Could anyone tell me some tools to correct the partition table error??
  11. Thanks,@MCT I tried it today,it really does as thought! so good as I thought!! now,I will try to customize my automatically unattended installationfrom cd.I find the sections and entries are listed in ref.chm.I've read some of them,and I'll try to use them!!
  12. We don't need any other things?? Just customize the winnt.sif?? It seems we could use the setupmgr.exe to creat a similar file,can I use it by just rename it??
  13. thanks Does this mean we can do most of the unattended installation?? It's great!!
  14. You mean I could set my IP, my networkand so on in it?? It will be applied??
  15. Another question about this. I reduced the dllcache size to 0 MB,but the windows files protection still work. Why??
  16. Another thing I want to know is that the changes to winnt.sif will be automatically applied to the xp installation? When I modify the winnt.sif and put my personal settings into it,could I get it automatically applied in the xp installation? Could I get the xp unattended installation by modifying it instead of using the windows unattended installation?
  17. thanks ,Bâshrat the Sneaky Will it work?? I don't have a chance to try it myself. but I modify my winnt.sif as you said. waiting for the next installation.......
  18. Yes,thanks I think it will be changed and the catelog file will be unsigned!
  19. thanks another problem I want to know is that when I modify the inf file of the driver,is the cat file still available??
  20. Thanks maybe what I remember is wrong!!
  21. thanks MCT I know what you said. I have read some about this from microsoft.but I wonder how we could find the list of protected files. How we can modify it if possible.so we can protect some customized files. I remember I saw it somewhere,but I forgot it.so ~
  22. I reduce some files from my signed driver then it become unsigned I add it to my xp install cd. Could it be silently installed in xp installation process?? How could I make it work??

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