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CD-IN audio in YMF724F no-logo PCI audio card


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So, I doped my good old 2001 machine with audio card based on YMF724F Yamaha chip, consisting hi-fi 1999 quality, sound blaster support, proprietary midi standard extensions and a set of MIDI samples, buff n fluff etc. As, said, it's no-logo, so chipset on board is Yamaha, but I failed to find exact exact pinouts, and the number of on-board jumpers and internal ports is different. This is important, as I intended to use old-school analogue cd audio input from cd palyer to the Yamaha. but, I cannot find exact pinout, and I'm troubled how exactly to connect it.

Here's exact cabling and pins I can use. Please mind that none of them is explicitly marked as CD_IN, so if producer intended them for other uses, I cannot tell.


What I did is that I put the "grey" connector into the "black" slot, as both seem to have both gnd inside, worst I can do is to invert channels, or, in case of different prpose of the connector,send some useless signal. That's what internet sources suggested as the best, as the extra port is "redundant" due to dual standard by both cd drive and audio cards manufacturers. But in case there is some hidden knowledge, to connect it the very exact way in order to short circuit some jumpers or so, I'd be pleased to know.

Still, despite my attempts, CD audio in quake II was not present. So i went for system settings, which is, our favourite windows XP 32bit home ed. As suggested in guides, I disabled digital CD audio - no bonus. But then I reminded, taht I aleready had problems with dual cd drive in my PC... I have

LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B with CD audio support

LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8525B with no audio support.

And it looks like Quake decided to prioritize the latter, as putting CD into this drive and enabling digital audio, actually, worked. Geez, QII without soundtrack feels half-baked at best...

Still, the question is, what can I do to make Quake, or, best, all programs, prioritize one drive over another? software, reg trick?

I need to get it into full retro glory :)

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Ok, I made it to work the way I intended in this single game by disabling the newer CD-rom, running the game when it was disabled and then re-enabling it back, and thus this way my audio goes from CD-ROM to audio card "the old way".

Thus, the problem remains, as I'd need to get this done for every game OR disable 2nd drive permaeantly.

I dug a bit more and found out that windows enumerated LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8525B as CD-ROM 0 and LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B as CD-ROM 1, and I assume this might be the case.

Is there any way to switch the assignment given by windows PNP?

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Games usually want the lowest CD drive letter than you can a change in Disk Management. Maybe you can exchange the 2 CD drives Master/Slave jumpers. The original Yamaha audio driver had mixer faders for all the inputs on the card (video in, aux in, cd in) and it doesn't matter which one to use. Maybe the XP driver was more limited, I don't remember. The simpler option under XP for games is to install Daemon Tools 3.47, enable analogue audio (internal playback) and mount a cue sheet with ripped wav files and a dummy data track 1.

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